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Strategic issues will witness the first alumni conference of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at UNSa

Strategic issues will witness the first alumni conference of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at UNSa

October 30, 2022 – 16:42
For three days, starting tomorrow and on 1 and 2 November, the first alumni meeting of the Faculty of Natural Sciences will be held at UNSa, where the nation’s Minister of Mining, Flavia Ruyon, will attend.

From tomorrow, October 31 to November 2, the first graduation days of the Faculty of Natural Sciences will be held at the National University of Salta. The meeting will be held at the Castañares headquarters.

In this regard, Juan Visaga, Technical Secretary of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Coordinator of the Graduate Center of the Faculty, provided details to El Trebono, who noted that the aim of these conferences is to create spaces for discussion and spaces for discussion that will be the basis for decision-making, as well as research work in the academic field, Which forms the basis for development anywhere.

In addition, Visaga noted the conference programme, “A series of activities will be carried out during the three days aimed at creating a space for discussion that we believe is a strategy for the community, and that these spaces are being created within the Nacional de Salta and in particular within the Faculty of Natural Sciences.”

What are these topics? On Monday, four discussion tables were planned covering four cross-cutting issues for the community and, of course, for the university.

The first is Provincial watersIt will be a question of discussing the importance of this water resource, and what the county does with regard to the care and study of this resource. The Secretary of Water Resources of the District of Mauricio Romero Leal, Engineer Juan Bassan, among other specialists was invited to this table.

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The next table starting from 11 is energy and mining, there will be Minister of Energy for the Nation Ing Flavia Royon, a graduate of the National University of Salta; In addition to geologist Luciana Cerusico, of the province’s Minister of Energy and Mining and engineer Gisella Galucchi, director-general of renewable energy for the province, among others.

The importance of the nation’s Secretary of Energy assistance is in discussing what the county and state agenda is in terms of renewable energy and mining.

The next table, in the afternoon, is Biodiversity, production and sustainable development, in which Dr. Enrique Derlinati, Mr. Horacio Tigrina and others will participate; And from 15:30, the last schedule talks about “Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Crops”, It is where agronomists are invited, who are doing innovative things with regard to organic crops, “which is very important because it is the future, the future of agricultural production,” said Visaga. “These four schedules seek to discuss innovative issues, about what’s coming,” he said.

It is about underlining the important role of the University of Salta as a trainer for professionals who today occupy leadership positions, and also highlights the tremendous effort of the College and the contact center with graduates of the natural sciences. By inviting the entire faculty of the College to share their professional experiences, these talks will take place on Wednesday 2 November as part of the scheduled activities. Round tables, talks, a job fair and sporting activities will take place.

the program: