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Social Welfare provides special care for 27,000 elderly people

Social Welfare provides special care for 27,000 elderly people

With great satisfaction, the residents of Corregimiento La Buitrera received a day of interest on the offer of services for the aged care program and on the subsidy payments of the Mayor of Colombia; Provided by the Ministry of Social Welfare.

“We continue to reach out to the regions, to the twelve Vida Centers of the Mayor’s Office of Cali, to all the communes and agencies in rural areas. There are about 27 thousand senior citizens who attended this year 2023,” said Carlos Andres Cortes Moreno, head of the Elderly Care Program. Everyone can view our services and advice on Colombia Mayor Benefit Payments.

For his part, the representative of the elderly in La Puitrera, Mr. Raul Mina, 83, expressed his gratitude for the journey they had received and for the health, nutritional and welfare services they are currently receiving from the district administration.

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“It is the best thing they have ever done. We have discovered information about the Mayor of Colombia, news, clarifications, points of interest and interest for us,” said Mr. Raul, highlighting the joint work between the Mayor’s Office of Cali and the Office of the Governor of Valle del Cauca for the benefit of his community.

The Columbia Mayor’s Benefit is cash assistance benefiting approximately 47,000 seniors in Cali; They consider the weak and vulnerable population, who lack a pension, who live in poverty or in a state of poverty.

Find out more information about the Columbia Mayor’s Subsidy:

  • Gold Line: (602) 8900686
  • Whatsapp 323373 26 33
  • Personal attention: Avenida 6N #45N – 47, El Bosque neighborhood.
  • in CALIs.

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Publication date 08/19/2023

Last modified 08/19/2023

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