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UV Professor Doris Oliva becomes the second woman to receive an important award from the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences – G5noticias

UV Professor Doris Oliva becomes the second woman to receive an important award from the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences – G5noticias

The Chilean Society of Marine Sciences has just announced that the academic from the Institute of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of Valparaiso University, Doris Oliva Ekelund, has received the prestigious Honorable Mention at the Scientia Marina Prize 2024. This honor adds a new achievement to her career, highlighting her invaluable contribution to the academic field And scientific knowledge in the field of marine sciences, which establishes it as a leader and reference in the specialty at the national level.

In this way, outshining the country’s most prominent scientific professions, Professor Oliva won this recognition, becoming the second woman to receive it since the award was established in 2010.

The Scientia Marina Honor Award takes into account not only the scientific productivity of nominees, but also their impact on the training of young researchers, their impact on lines of research and their contribution to the development of public policies in the field of marine science.

As indicated in her career overview, Professor Oliva has dedicated decades to research, teaching and administration in marine sciences. His training includes graduate studies in ecology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile; Economics at the University of Cádiz, Spain, and Innovation at the Stanford Research Institute, in the United States. Throughout his career, he has led knowledge generation and policy advancement in areas such as marine protected area management, sustainable aquaculture, and marine mammal conservation. His tireless work is reflected in an extensive list of scientific publications, research projects and participation in national and international conferences. His pioneering research on the ecology and conservation of sea lions stands out. His commitment to training new generations of scholars has left a lasting mark on academia, where he has directed and participated in numerous undergraduate and graduate theses. An active member of international scientific societies, he has represented Chile in forums related to marine conservation and resource management, playing key roles beyond technical committees and scientific consultations.

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“Receiving the Honor Award at Scientia Marina 2024 was a pleasant surprise. Competing with my colleagues with distinguished careers in the country and being selected is a great honor for me. This award represents recognition of my years of work that extends beyond scientific research. It also highlights my contribution to the development of Policy in the field of marine science and how my research has served and impacted society. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of educating and training young researchers, who continue their own research and achieve success.

On a personal level, this award is very important for the academic, because “it is given to me by my colleagues. Likewise, I consider it to have a symbolic gender value, because it represents recognition not only of my work, but also of all female researchers in this country who are diligently doing science.”

“This award also represents a milestone for Valparaiso University,” the researcher added. “This is the second time that our university has received this prestigious award, as Professor Fernando Balbontin, from the College of Marine Sciences and Natural Resources, received the first recognition in 2016.”

The Chilean Society of Marine Science, whose membership includes the most prominent researchers in this field at the national level, announced that during the 43rd Marine Science Congress 2024, which will be held between May 27 and 31 in the city of Concepcion, Doris Oliva will be responsible for opening the event with the keynote address. .