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E PP questions DGA's interest in implementing Huesca's medicine degree

E PP questions DGA’s interest in implementing Huesca’s medicine degree

county chief People’s PartyGerardo Oliván, questioned the true interest of General Study Council Huesca To apply for the full medical degree in the capital of Huesca, where only the first two courses have been taught since 2011. On Friday 21 October, after the last meeting of this body, where it was Aragonese governmentThe Provincial CouncilThe city ​​Counciland the University of Zaragozathe academic institution reported that it is conducting Examine the costs of infrastructure and human resources required by these teachings.

Olivian has pointed out that this ad “It means absolutely nothing” Because of the agreements of the Board of Trustees “They’ve never metAs an example of his statement he referred to this On November 3, 2020, Within this body, it was agreed to request the University of Zaragoza to conduct an analysis identifying the needs for the implementation of the third course of medicine on the campus of the University of Huesca. “Where is this studio?” commented.

In addition, he noted that in September 2021, the Minister of Science, the University and the Knowledge Society of the Government of Aragon, Maro DiazAnd the Rule out transplantation of the full degree of medicine in Huesca from the University of Zaragoza and stated: “I don’t think it is useful to repeat degrees in the province.” The regional head of the People’s Party pointed out that St. George Hospital I was already a college student at that timeOne of the questions necessary to complete the practices of this degree.

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As a more timely example, Oliván referred to the support of the Aragonese prime ministerJavier Lampanto suggest St. George’s Universityprivate, to open a new medical school in Zaragoza: “Why did he say nothing of this to teach this full degree at Huesca? Do you think a full degree is appropriate on campus in Huesca? “.

According to PP, through Huesca’s medical studies “We are helping reeling to which the Socialist Workers’ Party is accustomed“While the Socialists rule in Aragon and Huesca, here we will not be a reference for anything and all our capabilities will be systematically slowed down,” Ollivan emphasized. “It is worth studying, you have to do it”, recoil

A poisoned gift for Rudy

Similarly, Gerardo Oliván asked the Secretary of the PSOE Organization in Alto Aragon, Elisa Sancho, To withdraw statements made on October 22When he stated that Huesca’s medical studies had been in doubt since 2011, Chancellor Dolores Serat (PP) canceled the third year of the degree.

PP regional president stated that “Elisa Sancho, on behalf of the PSOE in Huesca, is lying”. According to Olivan, Known to eliminate the third course of medicine in Huesca on May 30, 2011, exactly one week after the PSOE lost the election with Marcelino Iglesias. The Socialists lost the government of the region and immediately announced the abolition of the third session. It was a poisoned gift for President Rudy, who took office on July 14He pointed out that “the organization’s secretary preferred to delete the data, so we ask her to correct the matter, assume her responsibility in this matter, and ask for pardon.”

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