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silent epidemic | medical writing

I medical profession I was born late, like everything in me. I am like this; A “late error”, they call it in English. And that which marks me, that marks my destiny as if written, always appears with a certain caution, trampling on the ground slowly but firmly, until the thought, dream, or challenge in question is formed before me. Clear enough to go for it. Part of my health mission is rooted in a curiosity about science and the human body. Another aspect of the altruistic instinct and the love of humanity emerged. Then there was another reason, a third reason that led me to health, a reason intangible and indescribable but so powerful that, without fully understanding it, I knew I would give anything, even if it was the last thing I did, to graduate in medicine and Dedicating my life to my patients and for them.

This is why lately I feel endless frustration every time someone sick attacks me in regards to Psychological health With Regards. Mental health, that spiritual disease, is ignored, severely disappeared, invalidated. Nowadays where the epidemic makes it dangerous to hold my patient’s hand, while the physical distance of two meters has made the emotional feeling one in two thousand, in a reality so cold, so gray, there should be no room for depression or anxiety. Despite this, more and more brave people are daring to speak out about this matter, both at the health center and at More everyday environments from your day to day. The taboo begins to fade and society increasingly understands that health does not always mean an organ or a system, but all that we are, all that we experience, and all that surrounds us.

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the family Medicine it is. When I refer to the complexity of my specialty, I do so recognizing that it is not only important to have extensive knowledge of a patient’s entire body, but also about their environment, their socioeconomic level, and their cultural level as well as their sensitivity. Family physicians are responsible for caring for people, accompanying them throughout their lives, and providing them with health and well-being in a holistic way. However, despite vigorously claiming how necessary it is for us to be general practitioners of the health system, I am fully aware that we cannot work alone, and that specialized care is as important and necessary as Elementary school. You need cardiologists, you need pediatricians, you need internists, neurologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists… and you need Psychiatrists and psychologists.

More psychiatrists and psychologists are needed, yes. It will always take more. Because mental health is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. Because no one is exempt from suffering from mental illness. Because depression or bipolar disorder can turn into Serious and fatal diseases If they do not receive treatment. Because psychotherapy is often sufficient without the need for medication. Because, as a doctor and as a human, I strive for the best My patients, I look for quality, I look for immediate, I look for frequent follow-up No multi-month waiting lists.

Perhaps the third reason why I became a doctor is precisely because of empathy. To look into the eyes of my patients and see myself, my family and my friends. To feel its pain and loneliness on my skin. To understand that I can not stand idly by. That I cannot turn a blind eye and avoid this silent epidemic. More awareness is urgently needed. There is an urgent need for more mental health professionals. It is necessary to save lives.

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Dear patients. We are the doctors and we will be always by your side. We listen to you, we understand you, we value you. And just as you have every right in the world to feel frustrated and anxious, you have every right to receive the best care. Well, health is reflected not only in the analysis, but also in the heart. And our hearts that directed us towards our profession will always beat, stubborn and optimisticnext to you.