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Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, the best rate in the last diploma delivery year 2021

The Bachelor’s degree in Economics was the best in the ranking of 369 degrees from the National University of the South.

Eugenio Andrés Negrín received an average of 9.30 points and became the most outstanding student at the last award ceremony of the year, which was held in the Assembly Hall at Avenida Alem 1253. During the event, which took place in two periods, a total of 105 students were distinguished.

In the first period were agricultural engineering departments. computer science and engineering; right; Economie; physical – physical; geography and tourism; Humanities; Engineering and Secretary General for Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.

In the second shift, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, management sciences and health sciences were called. educational Sciences; geology, electrical and computer engineering; Chemical engineering, mathematics and chemistry.

The speeches were delivered by the Physics and Education Sciences authorities, respectively, while they were chaired by Dr. Daniel Vega, President of the House of Graduate Studies.

The full list of alumni is as follows:

PhD in Agricultural Engineering: Daniela Alejandra Ortiz.

Doctor of Computer Science: Jose Nicholas Paredes.

PhD in Geography: Cecilia Ines Arangoren.

Doctor of History: Natalia Soledad Salerno.

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Technology: Emilia Nosida Grau and Gabriel Eduardo Roman.

Master of Agricultural Sciences: Camila Mosculino.

Specialist in Family, Childhood and Adolescence Law: Melissa Lang.

Agronomist: Camila Bellelli, Augustin Covertino, Bianca Damilano, Lucas Martinez, Juan Ignacio Velez.

Computer engineer: Facundo Gómez and Nicolás Landau.

Information Systems Engineer: Leandro Ezequiel Amigo and Agustín Emanuel García.

Computer Science Graduate: Juan Jose Shell.

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Lawyer: Florencia Natalia Barrera, Francisco Cantalejos, Jasmin Lafitte Torman, Juan Manuel Lanciotti Roberts, Marina Ines Monsalvez, Juan Manuel Nardi Blanco, Jorge Pablo Rinaldi and Ana Valeria Visconti.

Public Security Graduate: Augusto Mosconi.

Alumni in Economics: Romina Vanessa Fernandez, Francisco Giordano, Giulietta Cecilia Nardi, Eugenio Andrés Negrin, Ezequiel Gustavo Rios Montero and Claribel Vall.

University Technician in Food Business and Economics: Ludmila Raab.

Physics graduate: Gaston Rodriguez Araujo.

Architect: Agostina Samira Picardi.

Certificate in Tourism: Ariel Gerardo Delo Rosso and Eileen Rust-Turn.

Professor of Geography: Mirta Nancy Yacaruso.

History graduate: Mauro Nicolás Tejada Gómez.

Professor en Letras: Evelyn Michele Steele Doracio.

Civil Engineer: Kevin Emmanuel Geiser and Thomas Joaquin Bella.

Industrial engineer: Julián Cerella, Lorenzo Tomás Macia and Mariano Julio Morando.

Mechanical Engineer: Federico Beggi, Santiago Manuel Montel and Nicolas Andres Perini.

Doctor of Management Sciences: Maria Alicia Schmidt.

Doctor of Chemical Engineering: Juan Ignacio Iglesia.

PhD in Mathematics: Jorge Alberto Martinez.

Master in Management: Maria Paz Camino.

MA in Collective Health: Andrea Irene Marinho.

Biochemists: Camila Aldana Bavastri, Graciana Ponza, Diego Ignacio de Tellio, Leandro Dei, Rossio Garcia, Pablo Gentile, Michaela Rossio-Gender, Gino Raul Moyano, Milagros Odriozola, Maria Paz Onorato, Nicolas Aledo Oñoratóla and Maria Paz.

Pharmacist: Gonzalo Daniel Cuenca Miccone and Melissa Maynard.

Biosciences graduate: Nurali Nahir Diaz and Justina Panchuk.

General Accountant: Veronica Cipero, Santiago Echavarria, Mariano Eretegui, Tomas Eugenio Lazzari Martinez Alza, Alexis Gabriel Moreno, Sofia Zwen Formiga.

Bachelor of Management: Antonella Judith Rubio.

Degree in Education Sciences: Gaston Axel Robel Kahn.

The nurse: Paloma Michaela Alonso, Ángeles Antonella del Sol, Emilsi Echeveri, Paloma Grassi, Mauro César Guzmán Medina, Michaela Belen Guzmán, Miriam Gisela Heat, Ludmila Sol Urchuk, Ludmila Belovich and Karin Johanna Schmidt.

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Nursing graduate: Noelia Andrea Kishan, Josefina Maria Rivas and Olga Isabel Siegel.

Geosciences graduate: Silvina Raquel Perez.

University Environmental Technician: Guillermina Celeste Costantini.

Electronic Engineer: Mariano Graf and Gaston Felches.

University Technician in Audiovisual Entrepreneurship: Diana Pitsap Castillo and Maria Celeste Vallipona.

University Technician in Intelligent Industrial Electronic Systems: Hasel Karam.

Chemical Engineer: Joaquín Eduardo Alvarez, Agustina Molina and Emiliano Rohuen.

Food Architect: Florencia Diaz, Martina Paola Espici and Lucia Sabina.

University Technician in Industrial Processes: Maria Silva Sanchez.

Degree in Environmental Sciences: Manuel Fernando Tolza.