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Shakira was on vacation with unexpected company before settling down in Miami

Shakira was on vacation with unexpected company before settling down in Miami

  • Shakira and her children left Barcelona but before starting their new life away from Europe, they went on vacation.
  • Shakira revealed the beautiful place where they spend their vacation.
  • Shakira and her kids are just a few days away from settling down in Miami.

a few days ago, Shakira left Barcelona He finally stopped Starting a new life with their children in Miami away from his ex-wife, Gerrard Pique.

It is known that the singer’s children will start school on April 11 in the United States, so in those Easter holiday, The family of 3 has taken a trip to a castaway place to gain strength before starting a new phase, far away from what has been their home for many years.

According to Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez, the two Spanish journalists who released information about the ex-partner, Shakira will be in the Turks and Caicos Islands, north of the Dominican Republic in the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, on Telecinco’s “Fiesta” program, another journalist mentioned Shakira and her children Accompanying them on these holidays is Carla Pereira, wife of former soccer player Diego Simeone.

What is known from Pereira’s social media posts is that they reside in Private villas where there is no third party access Thus paparazzi or fans can capture them.

the Shakira Corporation It comes as a surprise because when he was still with Pique, little was known about his cohabitation with other footballers’ wives, and lately he has been more attached to some of them, as he seems to have received support from them. his divorce scandal.

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