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Shakira: Gerard Pique reacted to a reporter approaching him in front of his children |  Celebrities of Spain |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Shakira: Gerard Pique reacted to a reporter approaching him in front of his children | Celebrities of Spain | nnda nnlt | Fame

When a footballer usually appears in the media, it usually comes to matters of his career or performances every weekend or day that he has to play a football match with his team, but In recent weeks the protagonist has been in many headlines in the press due to his emotional state with .

As it is known all over the world, Amid a series of rumors of betrayals and other compromising positions that have not received confirmation from any of the main parties, so naturally journalists would like to know the statements in question.

That’s why those involved and their relatives have received a lot of media attention in recent weeks, and there are even callers who are addressing them in order to get some answers, as happened to the superstar. Barcelona newly. Unfortunately, his reaction was not the best.

Shakira and Gerard Pique had a 12-year relationship that ended in 2022 amid various rumors (Image: EFE)

Gerard Pique’s reaction to being written by a journalist

correspondent Jordy Martinwith regard to the programme.Fat and thinUnivision, has many details of his meeting with Shakira’s ex-boyfriend. It all started when he waited for him at his parents’ house and then followed him to Barcelona Airport, where he was on a plane to an unknown destination.

Exactly in the photos shown on TV, you can see the moment when the athlete with his two children hurriedly walked through the airport facilities while fleeing the journalist, until the video suddenly stopped.

According to the journalist, at that moment, Pique grabbed his phone with which he was recording everything, threw it on the floor and damaged it. As if that wasn’t enough, he also said that there were severe insults.

thankful environment

Shakira, who, in addition to dealing with her separation, is aware of the health of her father, who has health problems, has kept away from the media, but the journalist herself was able to talk to her mother for a few seconds.

The woman was asked about her husband’s health condition, and she replied that she was improving over time, although she did not mention any other details about her.

Gerard Pique on Instagram

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