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Sebastian Cordova’s ex-girlfriend is blowing up over alleged infidelity

Sebastian Cordova’s ex-girlfriend is blowing up over alleged infidelity

After he ran Common that love relationship Which they kept Sebastian Cordova And Vianney Rodriguez It ended because of A The case of marital infidelityit was the fitness influencer who broke the silence and spoke on the topic.

Why did Sebastian Cordova and Vianney Rodriguez break up?

Via his Instagram account Vianney He confirmed that She is no longer dating the player to TigersFurthermore it He explained the reasons Which has Engagementalso in Tik Tok A video clip was circulated claiming this The model was unfaithful to the player Aztecs.

According to information published on social media sites. Cordoba He was surprised To the content creator With a businessmanthe same person he was going to cheat on him with, which is why they made the decision to break up, as well as making sure of it She was looking for forgiveness From an element UANL team.

Was Vianney Rodriguez unfaithful to Sebastian Cordova?

In view of these rumors, in the past hours Vianney Rodriguez Share a Instagram story In which he responded to an account designated for participation “gossip”Who called her to check if she was done with the footballer

“Welcome, Yes, we’re done. Out of respect for him I can’t give details, however There was no betrayalOr cheat or anything. “I decided to leave for other reasons.”

Likewise, the model confirmed this You still have a connection With her ex-boyfriend now, while I asked for respect For both of them, because they are experiencing a rather “difficult” moment.

“He and I still keep in touch, in case they get into trouble. We both deal with something difficult, respect“.