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James Rodriguez: Video of his amazing pitch in the Sao Paulo vs. Curitiba match – International Football – Sports

James Rodriguez: Video of his amazing pitch in the Sao Paulo vs. Curitiba match – International Football – Sports

James Rodriguez breathes water in Sao Paulo. The Colombian, who has already won his first title in Brazil (the National Cup), despite not playing in the final against Flamengo, seems to have regained his football and his best spirit again, after some bitter drinks on behalf of two fouls and penalty kicks.

Cocutinho’s side started off Wednesday with a 2-1 win over Coritiba, in matchday 22 of the Brazilian League. As great sports applications highlight, James was one of the greatest committed figuresBecause of his impact on the team’s attack. James Rodriguez: A shocking fact about his salary in Sao Paulo; This is how they pay him his salary

Dorival Junior, the coach of Sao Paulo, said in a press conference, “James is approaching and trying to enter the penalty area,” in addition to highlighting his ability to move on the field.

“Little by little we adjust and try to find the movements of each player. I have players with similar characteristics: James, Luciano…” The coach pointed out.

Afterwards, without detracting from Rodriguez’s performance, Dorival Junior commented: “Maybe he lacks depth, but today he had deep movements and we demand that.”

Meanwhile, Sao Paulo fans have been showering social media with praise for James, as his performance has been impressive. Especially for A “little play” in which he stopped the ball perfectly. A touch worthy of the country of Jojo Bonito.

(James, after missing a penalty kick, scores a goal with Sao Paulo, video).

“James Rodriguez’s little game” is a trend in Brazil

James Rodriguez spent one of his most notable early times in Sao Paulo.

The Colombian ’10’, who wears the number ’19’ on his back, was decisive from the first minute. In fact, it wasn’t even 120 seconds complete when he was actually entering the opponent’s zone. Rodriguez was able to send the ball to be blocked, but the VAR technology canceled the goal. Then, in the 30th minute, from the rebound of a free kick, Sao Paulo’s first goal arrived thanks to Alan Franco.

James, during the 66 minutes he spent on the field, played great games. But that time in the 19th minute, when he shot a stunning “Paradena” ball, He received praise from Sao Paulo fans.

It is not in vain that some compare this gesture to what Neymar did in Santos.

James’ next match is in Sao Paulo

James Rodriguez

Antonio Lacerda. Evie

Sao Paulo’s next match is Saturday at 4:30 p.m Their opponents will be Corinthians, who just tied with Fortaleza in the Copa Sudamericana.

The best moments of Rodriguez vs. Curitiba

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