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In the framework of the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Graduate School of the East Cuban, a series of buildings that contribute to the improvement of the faculty, students and other entities associated with higher education were inaugurated.

On the premises of Julio Antonio Mella, a cadre training and management classroom has been opened, in pursuit of lasting progression of human capital at all levels. The purpose is to provide them with knowledge-based tools, so that they can tackle their jobs efficiently and creatively.

This, in turn, ensures that they are able to perform with quality in the different sectors and allows to link training processes in higher education, with the representation of cadres that are part of the government and other examples.


Another building that was opened was used for a doctoral training group located on the same premises. With this opening, it is expected to expand the access and interest programs for the Doctor of Science degree.

This directly affects the scientific status of professors and specialists of university courses, who will expand their knowledge through accredited training.

Image 3 The doctoral training is also located on the Julio Antonio Mella campus.

Likewise, with the premise of continuing to ensure the common good, the Faculty of Law, located in the Antonio Maceo headquarters of the University, created the auditorium which is a center for extrajudicial dispute resolution.

This, the only one of its kind in the country, is the result of an international collaborative project and has a large group of professors, made up of academics from civil and family law disciplines.

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Raul Vega Cardona, Dean of the College, said that this opening represents an achievement given its scope and expectations, and said in this regard: “This center responds to the impulse and will of our faculty in order to reveal the mechanisms of extrajudicial resolution of conflicts. It is visionary, innovative and multifunctional because it is linked to the provision of mediation and conciliation services; It is also a space for meetings, doctoral thesis defenses, and video conferences.

The specialist also highlighted the important role of this place in the training of jurists, allowing unity in the pursuit of knowledge and the development of legal professionals. During the presentation, it was emphasized that this space will define the before and after of the college, its students, and its professors.

Photo 4 The auditorium of the Center for Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution, located on the campus of Antonio Maceo University.

These new contributions materialize from Eastern Alma Mater, favor scientific results, whose impact on society is envisaged, and generate new opportunities for development from the Academy.