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Science and innovation, a priority for the business system - Escambray

Science and innovation, a priority for the business system – Escambray

The use of regulatory consulting so that the productive entities of goods and services obtain successful results occupied the July meeting of the President of the Republic with representatives of the state business system.

Diaz-Canel held a new meeting with representatives of the country’s business system. (Photo: Revolution Studios)

One of the best investments that companies can make in the current conditions of the country are regulatory advice and in science and innovation, said the first secretary of the Central Committee of the party and the president of the republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez. Meeting this month with representatives of the state’s business system.

Organizational consultations and experiences to strengthen the socialist state company occupied the meeting, which was attended by members of the Politburo, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and Salvador Valdes Mesa, Vice President of the Republic.

In the exchange moderated by Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Department of Economics and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández, Professor Carlos Cristóbal Martinez Martinez, of the School of Economics of the Universidade Central de Marta de las Villas (UCLV), stressed that consulting is currently essential to solve administrative and business problems.

Consulting – meant by the world – is an independent professional consulting service that helps the leader and the company to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization, for which the training and development of cadres and their reserves must include knowledge about this specialty.

Access to this type of specialized entity also allows them to discover and evaluate new opportunities, improve learning, and implement the changes they need. But he added that the corresponding demand from the business sector for this field of knowledge has not yet been demonstrated.

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Diaz-Canel shared the UCLV professor’s assertion, who emphasized to the state’s business community the need to make greater use of the intangible wealth of knowledge that our universities and research centers possess.

At the meeting, the directors of three entities (Santa Clara Poultry Company, the Pig Business Unit of Placetas and the Publicity and Events Company of the PCC Central), presented the successful results they had achieved by contracting the services of consultant firms and applying the various achievements of the various research centers.

A more vivid example is Avicola, which, by integrating the recommendations of a legal advisory firm and applying science and innovation, was able to introduce about 200,000 pesos, in a freely convertible currency (MLC), in order to physically and administratively recapitalize the entity.

But Deputy Prime Minister Gil Fernandez added that these and other entities that have achieved similar results “are the exception, not the rule”. However, he said, it wasn’t absorbed by all that science and innovation that would allow us to have the entrepreneurial state company we needed.

The certainty of the head of economics and planning was confirmed by directors and directors of several consultants, whose offers are still in little demand by the government’s business system, although they agreed that they should also be more proactive and not wait for companies to go looking for them.

As part of the efforts of the country’s leadership to promote the widest use of knowledge in the business system, the first secretary of the party’s Central Committee, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, has made it clear that they want a meeting this month with state managers. Focus on sector problems, but it will bring them closer to methodologies and socialize this type of good practice.

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He added that they are concepts that are part of the system of government management based on science and innovation that we are working to promote, and constitute experiments that give results, but they have not yet been generalized, because in many companies they “continue to do more of the same.”

He said that the country needs a business culture that takes us to another time, and to achieve this, increasing the interdependence between the knowledge sector and the productive sector of goods and services is essential; As well as that companies encourage master’s and doctoral degrees among professionals, the only way to ensure that science and innovation are implemented in them.

When promoting a PhD among their workers – added Diaz-Canel – companies should assume it as an investment rather than an expense, especially for young people, with an emphasis on graduates with a gold title, who must be good human potential identified and put to good use.

This month’s meeting between the President of the Republic and representatives of the state’s business system was attended by a member of the Secretariat of the Party’s Central Committee, Joel Quibo Ruiz, Head of the Department of Productive Economics; Deputy Prime Ministers Ines Maria Chapman Wu, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca and Jorge Luis Perdomo de Lilla, as well as Chiefs of Staff and other guests.