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Complementary and alternative medicine has health benefits. Yoga Nidra is an easy practice to perform and has been shown to have positive effects in reducing stress and improving sleep in patients suffering from this problem insomnia. The effect of Practice yoga nidra It affects subjective sleep, but its effect on sleep and cognition has not been documented objectively.

The aim of this work was to study the effect of this specialty’s practice on cognition and sleep using objective criteria.

They conducted a study on 41 healthy people and collected a Sleep diary first. Participants volunteered a Polysomnography Leal and A Cognitive test batterywhich included: A Motor practical test, emotion recognition, symbol substitution with numbers, visual object learning, abstract comparison, linear trend, matrix reasoning, test Fractal-2-backThe psychomotor monitoring and balloon analogue risk task. They compared the initial cognitive test group, and after one and two weeks of discipline practice. Power spectra density Electroencephalogram In central, frontal, and occipital regions during cognitive tests. Sleep diaries and overnight polysomnography were repeated four weeks after the intervention.

After practicing Yoga Nidra, an improvement in reaction times for all cognitive tasks was observed. Compared with baseline, there was a significant improvement in sleep efficiency by +3.62% (95% CI; p = 0.03), decreased wakefulness after sleep onset by -20 minutes (95% CI; 95%; p = 0.003) and delta waves. During deep sleep it increased by +4.19 μV2 (95% CI; p = 0.04). Accuracy increased in visual object learning (95% CI; p = 0.002), in abstract comparison (95% CI; p = 0.02), and in testing. Fractal-2-back (95% CI; p = 0.04). Accuracy on the emotion recognition task increased for happiness, fear, and anger (95% CI; p = 0.004), but decreased for neutral stimuli (95% CI; p = 0.04).

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The results obtained reveal that incorporating the practice of Yoga Nidra for two weeks in healthy individuals not only significantly improved their performance Cognitive processingBut also Quality of sleep at night. This finding has individual-level implications and could open the door to strategies to enhance labor productivity in the general population. It is essential to enhance awareness of sleep-related challenges and potential interventions among primary care physicians.