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The 2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards Ceremony was held successfully

The 2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards Ceremony was held successfully

The Bolivarian Government and the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology (Mincyt) successfully celebrated on Wednesday the award ceremony of the 2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards, at the April 17 Hall, at the Francisco Air Base of Miranda, Miranda. state.

The event was chaired by the Sectoral Vice President for Science, Technology, Education and Health (CITES), Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez, together with the Minister of Defence, Vladimir Padrino López; Minister of University Education, Sandra Oblitas; Minister of Education Yelitz Santaella; Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Deva Guzmán; Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas and Health Minister Magali Gutierrez.

“Today is a historic day. Glory to the brave people of Venezuela and to the Bolivarian peace diplomacy! That allowed Alex Saab to be released today. Glory to the brave people! To its scientists, to its followers of science, its teachers, its innovators, its creators, but Above all, deeply Venezuelan.”

He stated, “In addition to celebrating the release of Alex Saab, and having the opportunity to meet the heart, soul and intellect of Venezuelan science, in Argentina, one of our sons won the gold medal in the Mathematical Olympiad.”

At this event, the Sectoral Vice-President highlighted that the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, called in 2023 for the National Science and Technology Awards of Venezuela, from the field of Sovereignty and Ethics, in recognition of the instrument created on this day 23 years ago by Commander Hugo, Chavez, to recognize practice and work. National scientific culture and science in Venezuela.

He stated that the awards are also “an attempt to recognize the science that exists, the science that is innovative from Venezuela, the science that Venezuelans are doing, and in this practice of science there is a compelling economic agenda, and there is an agenda to recognize the ability of Venezuelan men.” And women. There is poetry, there is hope, there is compassion, and there is shared responsibility.

The Minister stressed the desire of Venezuelan researchers to continue practicing science out of their love for the country’s welfare policy. “Today Venezuela celebrates its scientists and farmers and celebrates our flag, which has national meaning for you. Congratulations.”

Deputy Minister for ICT Development, Gloria Carvalho; The awards ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Research and Generation of Scientific Knowledge, Francisco Durán, and the Deputy Minister of the Application of Scientific Knowledge, Alberto Quintero.

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Likewise, the country’s science center was present at the awards ceremony with young people who went to the World Robotics Olympiad 2023, in Panama, and the 2nd International Open Astronomy Olympiad 2023 in Russia.

2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards Presentation Ceremony.


At the event, which was attended by more than 40 award-winning scientists, an award ceremony was held in different categories to honor the work of each area of ​​research led by Venezuelans.

The 2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards were held in honor of Dr. Humberto Fernandez Moran, one of the world’s most distinguished scientists of the 20th century; Inventor of the diamond blade and developer of electron microscopy techniques from its early stage.

For this reason, the award was a replica of the diamond blade of Dr. Fernandez Moran, as a symbol of commitment, will and love for the flag made from Venezuela.

This year awards were presented in four categories: National Science, Technology and Innovation Award; National Award for the best scientific, technological and innovative work; The National Luis Zambrano Prize for Popular Technological Creativity and the Special Prize for Science and Technology, with the inclusion of three new awards, plus Special Awards and Certificates of Merit leaving more than 40 winners across all formats.

The scientists who received the Humberto Fernandez Moran National Awards for Science, Technology and Innovation, 2023 are:

National Science, Technology and Innovation Award:

-Mentioning the novel: Ytsinia Maria de Gouveia Pontes, Biology.

-Extensive career mention: Italy America Lipo de Besemberg, Biologist, Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

-Extensive career mention: Elevena Edóviges Pérez Serra, biologist, UCV.

-Mention of the unified group: Irene Paradisi, Biology, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC); Ikonomu De Giraud Vassiliki, Biology, IVIC; Gomez Ortiz Gilberto Jose, Biology, IVIC; Cristina Pérez Figuera, Biology, IVIC; Garcia Leon Rosa Nailette, Biology, IVIC.

National Award for Best Scientific, Technological and Innovative Work:

-Mentioning the natural sciences: Rafael Dario Romero Cadenas, agricultural engineer.

Mention of health sciences: Carlos Bermudez, Perinatologist, Caracas University Hospital. He developed fetal surgery to correct spina bifida and myelomeningocele before birth.

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Mention of health sciences: José Vicente Scorza, Biology, University of Los Angeles; Nestor Oswaldo Añez Riverol, Biology, ULA; Johnny José Bolón Torrealba, Chemistry, ULA, who: Developed a nanoemulsion cream based on antimony and pentavalent compounds and applied it as a treatment for patients.

Mention of health sciences: Vargas Rodolfo Armando, biophysicist, IDEA; Jiménez Escalona Iocaris Odili, Chemistry, IDEA. They have developed a toolkit for the qualitative analysis of urinary calculi (Cu) by the wet method.

-Mentioning the exact sciences: José Gregorio Parra Figueiredo, Chemistry, University of California, who developed: Evaluation of the convergence of molecular models of asphalt A1 and A2 to water/oil interfaces based on a new concept of solubility parameter profiles obtained from simulations.

-Mentioning the social and human sciences: Diogenes Rafael Diaz Campos, Anthropologist, University of California, who developed: From Durban 20011 to Geneva 2013: The Path of the Movement of People of African Descent in Venezuela Against Discrimination and Racism.

-Mentioning the social and human sciences: Lily Ana Marques Ogito, Philosophy, Developed: Essays on the Cimarron People and the Mantuan Country, in the Rebellion of the Six Bolivarian Revolutions.

-Mention of technological research: Henry José Labrador Sanchez, Chemistry, University of California; Juan Carlos Pereira Antique, Chemistry, University of California, who developed: Asphaltene dispersions used in downhole catalysis of non-reactive matrix.

National Award for Popular Technological Invention “Luis Zambrano”:

-Mentioning self-taught people: Rafael Maria Nadal Pisani Written by: MOTOYUNTA project, an engine that improves plowing times.

-Professional reference: Alberto Jose Medrano Villalobos, ULA. Development of a wireless weather station.

Special Prize for Science and Technology:

-Mentioning labor innovation: Hector Jose Sanchez Yepez, Appliances, PDVSA Gas Company. Fabrication of the design using a 3D printer for the KINETROL valve actuator diaphragm, connected to the fuel gas system, for a SIEMENS turbine (SGT400).

Women and girls in science mention:

– Marine Corps Victoria Lungart Marcano, biologist, IDEA. Development of antibodies against the ErbB-2 protein to develop a diagnostic kit for breast cancer.

– Naira Gamboa de Dominguez, Pharmacist, UCV. Studying the metabolic pathways of parasites to search for new parasites.
-Liz Kelly Alvarez Olar, MD, FANB. The use of self-healing xenografts in urethral reconstruction.
– Alba Elisabet Farias Maza, biologist, University of California. Environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Caracas through wastewater epidemiology

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Long Lifetime Special Achievement Awards:
Mention of health sciences: Maria Nunziata Corrente de Plata, Biologist, UCV-MPPS.

Mention natural sciences and chemistry: Graciela Carlota Diaz de Delgado, Chemistry, ULA.

-Mentioning natural sciences and ecology: Gisela Cuenca de Herrera, Biologist, IVIC Ecology.

Mention natural sciences and molecular genetics: José Luis Ramírez Ochoa, biologist, IDEA, genetics.

Mention the natural sciences and chemistry: Ajoy Banerjee Kumar, Chemist, IVIC.

-Mentioning natural sciences and botany: Helga Teresa Lindorff Alvarez, Biology, UCLA.

Mention natural sciences and entomology: Ángel Viloria Petti, Biology, IVIC.

-Mentioning natural sciences, climate change and oceanography: Handt Delgado Helga Helena, Geochemistry, IVIC.

Mention the natural sciences and cell biology: Elizabeth Merentes Diaz, Biology, University of California.

Mention the exact sciences and mathematics: Pedro Alson Haran, mathematician, University of California.

-Mention the exact sciences, nanotechnology: Maria Cristina Hernandez Toero, Physicist, USB.

-Mention the exact sciences, physics: Miguel Martin Landroff, physicist, University of California.

-Mention the exact sciences, physics: Lisita María D’Onofrio de Rojas, Physics, University of California.

Mention the social and human sciences, education, and science education: Lenin Roberto Romero Rosa, Education, MPPE.

-Mentioning the social sciences, humanities and anthropology: Gladys del Carmen Gordones Rojas, Anthropologist, ULA.

-Mentioning technological research in civil engineering: Jose Luis Lopez Sanchez, Engineer, UCV.

Military Innovation Awards:
– Loren Boscan Gomez, Colonel in the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Test stand for checking the KNI-405 radio altimeter and KRA-405 amplifier of the Bolivarian Army Aviation aircraft.

-Javier Villalobos Delgado, FANB. Auxiliary pneumatic ignition unit with tester, meter, charger and battery desulfator for T72, MSTA-S and BMP-3 vehicles.

-Julio Alexandre Graterol Lopez, FANB. Upgrading the mobile communications system of Captain Juan de Dios Agras.

Communications Department Office of the Ministry of Popular Power of Science and Technology / Journalist: Roseres Ortega Ortiz – Photos by Nathel Ramirez.