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Winners of the National Science Olympiad

Winners of the National Science Olympiad

As part of honoring the winners of the competition National Science OlympiadOne of the most inspiring events of the year was held: “Coexistence for the Future of Guatemala”.

insurance worldwide It brought together 40 young people who won first places in scientific competitions with The brilliant Guatemalans They were awarded in 2023 and in previous years, to motivate them to achieve their goals and contribute to their efforts to make Guatemala a better country.

During this event, new generations of talents have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with prominent figures of our country, Guatemalans who inspire them to continue on the path of their personal fulfillment.

“We are excited to return to in-person events with a very inspiring event that Universales has been celebrating for 20 years. What we are trying to do with this initiative is to show young people that with the abilities they have, they can achieve all their academic dreams,” said Mario Tello, Marketing Director. And professionalism.”

During the activity, Universales directors present prizes to the Olympiad winners, motivating and supporting them in their search for scholarships to continue their studies.

One of the most awaited moments of the awards ceremony is the presentation of the gold medal to the winners in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

They won an all-expenses paid trip to visit top universities in the US and Europe.

“Since 2010, Universales has honored the efforts of top four finishers at various levels with a trip to see some of the most important universities in the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, and others,” Tello noted.

Global award

The four winners of the trip to Harvard and MIT are:

  • First place in the Diversity Biology course: Luisa Fernanda Lopez Monzon
  • First place in the Miscellaneous Physics course: Jonathan Jose Castellanos
  • First place in the Diversified Mathematics course: Robin Christer Uman Argueta
  • First place in the Miscellaneous Chemistry course: José Arturo Aguilar Santiago
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Another decisive moment was the lecture given by the brilliant Guatemalan speaker chosen, Gabriela Asturias, a scientist, entrepreneur and medical student whose projects contribute to improving people’s quality of life.

She is a co-founder of Fundegua, an organization that works to bring development to people’s lives through accessible scientific research, inclusive technology, and innovative, culturally relevant solutions.