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National accreditation is the key to achieving it

National accreditation is the key to achieving it

LAS TUNAS: Continuous improvement efforts in pursuit of improvement and quality of teaching have prompted the Zoilo Marinello University of Medical Sciences in Las Tunas to receive the National Accreditation Board this week for the institution’s external evaluation process.

The General Surgery Service of Las Tunas is one of the services applying for accreditation, and experts from several provinces of the country are currently evaluating the postgraduate training and the branch’s performance in ensuring the alternative is of the quality required by their benefits.
Dr. Maria Elena Moawad Santos, Dean of the University of Medical Sciences, explained to the press the importance of this academic event for the institution and its expectations to be at the forefront and stressed that during the week the Council conducted exchanges with students, professors, teachers and graduates, in addition to reviewing the process documents.
The university president presented the strategy of caring for the university community and various support for social institutions and higher education. He also highlighted the impact of extension projects in transition communities and their connection to the state plan and life mission.
On the grounds of Las Tunas, the delegation composed of distinguished professionals from several provinces learned about the transformation process that has been implemented at the university since 2009 with the aim of achieving the quality standards approved in the training of professionals from the region and from other countries.
As a precursor to the evaluation process, in the past five years the institution has strengthened the impact of its undergraduate and graduate programs through multi-professional accreditation, scientific innovation, and faculty training and improvement.
The university community with its 14 extension projects and interdisciplinary chairs maintains links with popular assemblies and constituencies in transition. These interventions have enabled the employment of working-age women and unemployed women with two or more children. The university has provided them with basic training courses in nursing and other job positions.
Thanks to the connection with local communities, comprehensive medical care is also provided to the population. The college, which remains on probation these days, taught courses in first aid, traditional national medicine and natural disaster response within the neighborhoods themselves.
During a tour of several educational institutions, including the Carlos Font Nursing Home, the systematic attention paid by the higher education institution to these centers as well as to maternity centers was emphasized, and the increase in the number of specializations for these purposes being trained in with a noticeable trend towards decentralization of university training and studies. Higher levels at the municipal level.
Zoilo Marinello also shows before the external evaluation its sustainable transition towards the higher teaching categories and Doctors of Sciences, which from today’s 5.6 percent to professional teaching staff reaches more than 34 percent.
Likewise, its doctoral training strategy has allowed it to grow from one to 29 doctors of science, and enrollment in many programs at other universities has been maintained. It currently has two master’s programs for academic training in primary care nursing and dentistry, and two more programs are being designed that will allow for the enrollment of physicians and technologists.
The university is also distinguished by the introduction of 200 students into the vertical training program through which university training is brought closer to higher education in specialties such as pediatrics, neonatology, internal medicine and pediatric intensive care.

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