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San Marcos Resultados Examen de Admisión 2022

San Marcos Entrance Exam Results 2022 – II UNMSM – Basic Science and Economics: Check LINK with Exam Results for Sunday, March 13

this sunday March 13will attempt to pass the entrance test for all applicants to be part of the academic fields in Basic sciences, economic and administrative sciences from the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM). These include the faculties of biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematical sciences, engineering, chemical engineering, management sciences, accounting sciences, and economics, respectively.

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If you are thinking of applying and would like to know the details regarding the admission process and the date when the exam results will be published, then this note is for you. We also give you the link so you can directly check if you were able to get in, should you take the exam.

San Marcos Entrance Exam Results 2022 – II UNMSM – Basic Sciences and Economics: How is the exam?

General assessment (regular or alternative basic education) Consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. Although it has a unique answer in each section. It takes three hours and consists of the following sections:

  • Skills section: The area contains 30 questions Related to reading comprehension (15) and logical-mathematical ability (15)
  • Knowledge Section: covers 70 questions on disciplinary knowledge related to mathematics, conversation, person, family, human relations, social sciences, technology, and the environment.

San Marcos Entrance Exam Results 2022 – II UNMSM – Basic Sciences and Economics: When will I know if I succeeded?

If you are going to apply to the academic fields of Basic Sciences and Economics and Management Sciences, you will be able to know that you entered on the same day as the entrance test being submitted, i.e. the same Sunday, March 13th.

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San Marcos Admission Test Results 2022: Where can I refer to the results?

You can directly check if you have passed the test here.

San Marcos Entrance Exam Results 2022: What are the other occupational tests?

The dates on which entrance exams will be held in the five academic fields are as follows:

  • Saturday 12 March 2022: Health sciences
  • Sunday 13 March 2022:Basic sciences, economics, management and external transfers and other methods.
  • Saturday 19 March 2022: engineering field.
  • Sunday 20 March 2022: Human, legal and social sciences

fact: No matter what academic field you are applying to, such as in the field of basic sciences, economic and management sciences, you will be able to know the results on the same day as submitting the entrance test, on the same day Link.

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