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Samsung and the Spanish Paralympic Committee unite to promote the “Psychology and Wellbeing” service for the Spanish Paralympic Team

Samsung and the Spanish Paralympic Committee unite to promote the “Psychology and Wellbeing” service for the Spanish Paralympic Team

Today at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of Sport, Samsung Electronics and the Spanish Paralympic Committee presented a cooperation agreement that will support the “Psychology and Wellbeing” service for the Spanish Paralympic Team. Thanks to this service, Paralympic athletes will have a team of psychiatrists coordinated by a specialist manager in sport and mental health, who will help ensure the overall health and maximum performance of these athletes.

This new service will provide comprehensive assessments to understand the psychological, emotional and comfort needs of each athlete, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in relation to mental health, stress, anxiety, self-confidence and sleep patterns. In addition, athletes will be provided with a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, social skills training and stress management strategies.

To achieve this, the Spanish Paralympic team will receive the necessary training to be able to use applications such as Unnoise, the company’s initiative for people with hyperacusis. This application allows you to customize the decibel tolerance level, automatically dampen sounds that exceed a preset limit, and activate personal protection to enjoy any situation without disturbance.

During the event, Manuela RodriguezThe person responsible for the Psychology and Well-Being Service in general explained what this service is, its benefits, how to proceed and how this service provides continuous psychological assistance before, during and after competitions to help athletes manage stress, maintain focus and manage emotions.

Samsung has been providing transformative mobile technology to share the Olympic spirit for more than 25 years. The company’s purposeful innovations in the wireless communications and computing equipment category, including equipment incorporating artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G, will change the way the world experiences the Paralympics. In addition, the company is committed to promoting holistic well-being, designing programs that include self-care activities, mindfulness, appropriate physical exercise, and healthy sleep habits. The aim is to provide a comprehensive service that not only improves athletic performance, but also enhances the long-term mental and physical health of Paralympic athletes.

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We recognize that elite athletes face a constant flow of demands, both from context and from their own expectations, and that a lack of adequate psychological management can lead to burnout that translates into physical problems, from sports injuries to anxiety and depression.

from your sideAlberto GiuffreThis was stated by the Managing Director of the Spanish Paralympic Committee “It is very important to break the taboo around mental health. One of the keys to success is understanding that mental health is just another illness, like a sprain, a sprain, etc. “We are very proud to welcome Samsung as part of this Paralympic family and to work with them.”.

with Noise-free vs. Galaxy Buds2 ProAthletes will be able to protect themselves from annoying decibel levels with a sound shield that also helps prevent hearing problems. Thanks to this application, you can customize the decibel tolerance level, automatically attenuate sounds that exceed a preset limit, and activate personal protection in a way that allows you to better focus on your workouts and enjoy any daily situation without any disturbance.