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Salcero Johnny Vazquez dies

Salcero Johnny Vazquez dies

Salcero Johnny Vasquez, who has distinguished himself for more than 40 years as one of the most popular voices in the Bobby Valentine orchestra, passed away Friday afternoon.

This was confirmed by broadcaster Nestor Galan ‘El Buho Loco’, via his social networks, who highlighted his extensive career and noted that the singer is “retired and dedicated to his family and the Gospel”.

“Very sad and sorry for the passing of the great singer Johnny Vasquez. He recorded and sang with Andy Harlow’s orchestra and hit the classic “Lotria”. He then arrived in Puerto Rico and joined the Bobby Valentine orchestra with which he achieved great successes such as “Libro de Amor” and “La Belleza del Son” “Jacobo Basura,” “La espinita,” “El Prendedor,” “Tu Boca,” “You don’t know me,” Galan wrote on his official Facebook account, among many others.

Meanwhile, guitarist and composer Bobby Valentine shared his condolences on the passing of his music partner, whom he described as “a great human being, a singer, and a loyal friend.”

“With pain in my heart, I have joined the Vasquez family. On my behalf and my family, we offer our condolences, peace and strength to family, friends, colleagues and to salseros. We will always remember you,” Valentine wrote.

According to the National Foundation for Popular Culture, Johnny Vazquez was “the most devoted vocalist and vocalist he cultivated four and a half decades ago” in the Bobby Valentine group after it was founded in 1975.

Other songs such as “Luna messenger”, “Linda Teresa”, “Tu rica boca” and “And later you kill me” were among the titles that marked his career.

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