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Mono Zabaleta accused of molesting a woman during a full concert

Mono Zabaleta accused of molesting a woman during a full concert

The vallenato genre remains in the eye of the hurricane due to the harassment controversy that has marred the history of this musical movement. And the last episode witnessed the artist, Mono Zabaleta, who was criticized for a video clip circulated on social media, in which he appears dancing with a woman.

In the middle of one of his performances, Mono Zabaleta is seen interacting with a woman on stage, who appears to be part of the audience. While the music is playing, the guest artist is carried on stage.

In the video, Mono Zabaleta is seen holding the woman’s hands as she dances to the music. The tempo of the song suddenly changes, as the singer makes other, faster movements.

The photographs show how Zabaleta grabs the woman by the hip and repeatedly pulls her toward him, rubbing her private organs in the face of the ceremony.

Behind them, the band members accompanying Zbaleta can also be seen laughing at the seemingly “funny” event. But this is not the way it is perceived by users of social networks, who indicated that it is abuse and that this type of situation cannot be normalized in the Vallenato genre.

One of the first people to highlight the inappropriateness of the dance is presenter and journalist Monica Rodriguez, who posted the video via her official Twitter account.

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They sent me this video of Mono Zabaleta. This young fan definitely stepped up without expecting it in return. It seems to me reprehensible from every point of view. When was this type of abuse normalized?He wrote in the description accompanying the tweet.

His criticism was joined by the criticisms of other users on social networking sites, and they confirmed that it appears to be a phenomenon that has begun to take scenarios that are supposed to be artistic.

“First it was Poncho Zuleta with Karen Lizarazo, then Mono Zabaleta who publicly harassed a fan. Is it that there is no law for these stalkers? If it was the average person who did it, would the law act the same?” There are many questions!

For his part, from the account ‘We women count The act committed by Mono Zabaleta was also categorized as reprehensible and urged not to justify such actions.

“Reprehensible violations here and there! How long? Abuse can’t be folklore. We join the public disapproval of those who implement it and justify @ArakFialloNancyGloriaFlorezSIotrocualquiera_MonoZabaletaPonchoZuleta,” tweeted from the profile.

In the face of these accusations, there is still no official statement for singer Mono Zabaleta.

Apologies from Poncho Zulita

After circulating a video clip, it was noticed how Valenato singer Poncho Zuleta harassed his colleague Karen Lizarazu on stage. In the middle of a concert on May 20, the two artists talked about it.

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Poncho Zuleta uploaded a video to the same social network, apologizing to Lizarazo.

“Today I want to sincerely apologize to my friend and colleague Karen Lizarazu, an amazing artist. I apologize to her and to all the women who were offended by what happened in the early hours of May 20. When I think of women, I think of my mother Carmen Diaz, her memory is sacred. And I can’t imagine anything different, but I praise them because they are undoubtedly the central axis of humanity, and a thousand apologies and great hugs”As he claimed.