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Rosario's research patent

Rosario's research patent

Colombian scientists continue to excel abroad. Proof of this is that a formula to protect the brains of bees and other pollinators affected by exposure to pesticides has been patented in the United Kingdom, under the leadership of researchers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of El Rosario, in alliance with the Department. Doctorate in Neuroscience from the University of Arizona in the United States of America, with the participation of Javeriana University.

According to Andre Josavat Riveros, a professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences who led the research, this progress becomes a cornerstone for the conservation of the approximately twenty thousand bee species existing in the world, especially domesticated species.

The number of bees and other pollinators on the planet has declined, and many of these species are losing their learning abilities due to chemically synthesized pesticides. This invention is vital, as pollinators play an essential role in maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems and producing food for humanity.

According to Professor Riveros, among the changes in pollinators caused by pesticides are memory loss, learning difficulties, decreased decision-making ability, decreased motor skills and the ability to cope with diseases.

Part of the patent's results, which include about 8,000 molecules, were published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. The patent, granted by the UK Intellectual Property Office, is Rosario's first invention to enjoy international intellectual property protection.

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