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Roman Rodriguez highlights the role of the new Atlantic Cultural Landscape Research Center in placing Galicia at the forefront of heritage studies

Roman Rodriguez highlights the role of the new Atlantic Cultural Landscape Research Center in placing Galicia at the forefront of heritage studies

The Regional Minister for Culture, Education, Vocational Training and Universities, Roman Rodriguez, noted the paradigm shift represented by the University of Galicia system for the launch of the Inter-University Research Center for the Atlantic Cultural Landscape, which, he noted, will put Galicia at the forefront of heritage studies. This came during the presentation and reception of 73 researchers already working in this center in the Fontán building in Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, in a law that also included the participation of the deans of the Universities of Santiago and A Coruña. , Antonio Lopez and Julio Abalde.

The Head of Education at Xunta noted that it is a “necessary and strategic” center for “contribution from the social and human sciences and from the fabric of the Galician university to search for answers and develop Galicia”. In this sense, he noted that fields of knowledge such as geography, history, sociology, art or cultural heritage not only remain essential, but must “take advantage and benefit from the rest of social and technological developments to experience the quality leap that allows them to be more useful to society, as they would from this center “.

He thanked the three universities of Galicia for their cooperation, participation and complicity in initiating this new project. He also referred to its director, Lorenzo Fernandez Prieto, and deputy director Laura Oso, as well as the more than 70 researchers working for it, all of whom, in his words, are “highly qualified people,” coming from more than 35 research papers. Groups of the three Galician public universities. “They are different paths in life and career, some with solid research expertise and others representing the huge potential and new talent in our research fabric,” he added.

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Roman Rodriguez also highlighted the importance of this center being located in the Fontaine Building, “a space designed to enhance the public university system in a global way.” In this sense, he referred to the existence of institutions that focus on inter-university cooperation such as the University System Quality Agency of Galicia or the Inter-University Consortium of the University of Galicia System, as well as the Institute of Heritage Sciences of CSIC (Beginning). “This ecosystem will help exchange experiences and knowledge and will strengthen our university system,” he said.

Multiple fields of work

The new center will investigate the landscape from an interdisciplinary perspective. In all, 73 researchers joined the center, including 72 from the Galician University System (47 from the University of Santiago, 17 from the University of Coruña and 8 from the University of Vigo) and another from the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). More than 50 are senior or established researchers, while about two dozen are new talents.

It works in twenty fields of knowledge in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and also in the field of physical geography, landscapes, sociology, human movements, contemporary history, applied economics, architecture, land use planning, tourism, environment, prehistory, archeology or geoarchaeology, from Among other specialties.