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Intensification of ISSEA validations in aesthetic medicine clinics

Due to the increase in the number of clinics dedicated to aesthetic medicine, the Directorate of Health Regulation of the Institute of Health Services of the State of Aguascalientes (ISSEA) has doubled its health monitoring operations in these places, to ensure that they have the requirements required by law.

Octavio Jiménez Macías, head of the region, indicated that authorized personnel permanently make supervisory visits to the facilities of private hospitals and clinics, to check their work within the usual.

He reported that so far this year no serious irregularities have been recorded in the audits made in these places, but he said that there is also monitoring of activities carried out by plastic surgeons, who are in accordance with the law. , they do not have the ability to participate in or lead surgeries, because they have not completed a medical residency, but they hold a master’s degree that enables them to participate only in academic or educational matters.

Jiménez Macías noted that the only health professionals who have the ability to perform reconstructive surgeries or any other operations related to aesthetic issues are plastic surgeons.

He said that in Aguascalientes there is a registry of nearly 15 plastic surgeons and 10 plastic surgeons, he called on residents to verify the validity of their identity cards and professional background before undergoing any procedure.

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