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Rodon will receive cortisone to relieve ‘chronic’ back problem

street. PETERSBURG — Carlos Rodon is scheduled to receive a cortisone shot in his back next week, but the Yankees said he’s “definitely optimistic” that the treatment will help address an issue doctors have described as “chronic.”

Rodon hasn’t thrown a move in the majors since signing a $162 million, six-year contract in December. But when asked Friday if a possible return in July would be possible, the pitcher declined to provide an estimated recovery timeframe.

“I’m going to take that shot and try to throw as fast as I can,” said the pitcher. “Whatever my body tells me. If I can offer and come to an agreement I can continue with the offer, I will make an offer. I thought I would be with the club by now.”

Rodon made a preseason start for the Yankees on March 5 against the Braves, before being placed on the disabled list with a left forearm strain.

That injury healed, and he healed from the pain, but he wasn’t able to play as expected at the Yankees’ facility in Tampa, Florida, either. Rodon said he was examined by three specialists and they all recommended the injection.

Structurally, this is fine, but everyone recommends it [procedimiento] New York director Aaron Boone said.

Rodon has not erected in the past two days and will not be able to until several days after the injection. The lefty said it feels like he’s hitting 87-90 mph with his fastball, but admits he’s erratic with control.

Rodon admits it was difficult watching from afar as the Bronx Bombers struggled in a difficult start to the season.

“It’s miserable,” he said. “I want to do a show for the New York Yankees. I want to be in the series [ante los Rays]. I want to promote with the boys. I want to compete. It’s hard to sit here without doing anything.”