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Tatis Jr.  Exploding against Kershaw by 2 HR, Padres edge out LA

Tatis Jr. Exploding against Kershaw by 2 HR, Padres edge out LA

SAN DIEGO — Fernando Tatis Jr. doubled off of Clayton Kershaw and drove in three runs for San Diego, who beat National League Western rival Los Angeles 5-2 on Friday in their first meeting since the Padres eliminated the Dodgers in Major League Soccer. .

U Darvish (2-2) outlasted Kershaw (5-2), who was knocked out in the fifth inning, in front of a wild and festive crowd on May 5, the biggest holiday for Mexicans living in the United States. The division-leading Dodgers saw their six-win streak come to an end.

It was the first meeting between these teams since October 15, 2022, when the Padres beat the Dodgers, winners of 111 regular season games. That 5-3 win on a rainy Sunday allowed San Diego to advance to the NLCS for the first time in 24 years.

Tatis drove Padres fans crazy when he reached down the middle to lead off third down. Then he repeated with a two-line drive to leave with nothing out in the fifth to make it 3-1.

The Dominican has had four home runs since returning on April 20 from an 80-game suspension for use of performance-enhancing substances.

It was Tatis’ ninth game with multiple homers, including four against the Dodgers. He also hits a double off Kershaw on April 23, 2021, at Dodger Stadium.

For the Dodgers, Cuban Miguel Vargas 3-1.

For the Padres, Dominican Tatis Jr. is 5-2 with two runs and three RBIs and Juan Soto is 4-1.