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Enrique Borja, the historical American who couldn’t bear to cry over what Henry Martin told him

Enrique Borja, the historical American who couldn’t bear to cry over what Henry Martin told him

Enrique Borja (right) broke down in tears after Henry Martin thanked him (Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Enrique Borja remains in the collective memory of Mexican fans for his great exploits in the 1960s and 1970s. His aims were pure joy, which he himself gave vent to at each of his celebrations. He became the first idol of children, since until that moment no one had scored so many goals in national football and under the jacket of the Mexican national team. “Borja, don’t fail,” historian Fernando Marcos once exclaimed before the Mexican striker scored for the French team at the 1966 World Cup in England, but failure was the least he could do.

For more than five decades, Borja has become synonymous with goals. He only played for the Pumas and América in his career and managed to score 168 goals. Between 1970 and 1973, when he was already wearing the colors of America, Enrique achieved a three-time scoring title, something that no other Mexican can boast of until now. Henri Martin has just achieved that individual championship in the current Mexican football campaign and was the same Azulcremas striker who spoke publicly about the support he received from Borja when last year he was going through one of the worst moments of his career. “I want to thank Enrique Borja because he called me when he was very bad, I had a pleasant chat with him and after the tournament we talked again“, pointed out

After making these statements, they both agreed that it was something they had kept between them, which is why no one ever talked about it until Henry’s scoring championship was made official. Enrique Borja himself spoke about it during the TUDN program in which he works as an analyst and thanked Martín for the gesture and the emotion that brought him to tears.

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“Only he and I knew that, I did it at a time when I felt it was a mistake. He himself said it didn’t feel right and he was very demanding. I simply and simply wanted to do just that. I can’t tell you what I told him because it’s a very personal thing, but we talked a lot.”

Later on, he was able to recover thanks to his friends, colleagues, family, technicians, and order. Then he answered me an email after playing the world cup and Now that he’s the Recording Champion, he’s giving me the chance to call him backHe concluded in a broken voice.

After this gesture, his teammates supported him and realized that after 50 years he continued to be convinced to support Mexican football and the national players. On a few occasions Enrique Borja has been moved, even the first time since his retirement from the professional courts in 1977., on the pitch of Estadio Azteca during a match between America and Pumas. In that match Borja scored two goals and at the end of the match he was carried on his shoulders.

The historic Mexican striker also considered that Henry could reach the next World Cup who is close to his appointment in 2026, but he also indicated that for this he will have to work harder, as competitors will pay more attention to how he performs and his chances in front of goal will decrease.

For a long time, Henry disappeared with America and there was talk of a possible departure for the striker towards his biggest rival, Guadalajara. However, almost overnight, Martín began to stand out for his goalscoring and assists which kept him with the Azulcremas and he is now the individual scoring champion. The truth is that he achieved that, but changing his mentality is a mystery, but Enrique Borja cooperated with him and here are the results.

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