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Summary of the match Pachuca vs Santos (3-3). Objectives

Dramatically, in a match that had eight goalsClub Pachuca lost to Santos, with the thirteenth place for the Clausura 2023, which kills the hero They ousted the King of Liga MX in surprising fashion and in a penalty shootout.

Warriors acted like this, They broke the text of the duel and arrived as victims and after reacting to equalize the score four times, They took the game to the definition of 11 stepsand there they sent Hidalgo’s team, who came into this game as clear favourites.

Although Tuzos had possession of the ball, They were never able to have a strong hold on the entire Lagunawho through set-pieces and aerial plays managed to get the local defense into trouble, which Saturday wasn’t the best of its evening.

At the start of the match, led by Guillemo Almada, favorites on paperThey took the lead from a penalty kick taken by Chico Arango. Victory seemed to be coming for Guerreros, who didn’t take long to react and in the 11th minute They leveled the board with a header from Harold Preciado.

miracle goal

Pachuca did not want to waste time And in the 24th minute, they took the lead again with a goal from Roberto de la Rosa, in a match that started with a bad shot from the visiting goalkeeper. But again It didn’t take Santos long to match the cards, This time with a header from Felix Torres from a corner kick.

Before the end of the first half, Tuzos left again Striker with a goal from Romario Ibarra. They went to rest and it seemed that the complement could be more calm for them, and so on until the 53rd minute, when Didos Lopez hit a kick from outside the area that went into In the corner of Oscar Ostari’s goal.

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But the reactions of both teams will not stop there, because already at compensation time Eric Sanchez made it 4-3 and when everything indicated Tuzos won the match, Mateusz periodically pushed a ball that Ostari could not control In long shots and make it 4-4 to send the series to definition penalties.


  • Gustavo Cabral – The arrest of Jubairan Lajoud
  • Juan Brunetta – Ostari Fool Record
  • Luis Chavez – scored with a shot close to the post
  • Javier Correa – scored with a powerful shot
  • Chofis López – Notable cheating in Lajud
  • Mateus Doria – Ostari touched it, but the ball went in
  • Paulino de la Fuente – Lajdde stops his shot into the middle
  • Rivaldo Lozano – scored near the post