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Ripoll and Di Prado co-direct the first Chair in Traumatology and Sports Medicine

Ripoll and Di Prado co-direct the first Chair in Traumatology and Sports Medicine

toto CEU San Pablo University Yesterday introduced a new one Trauma and Sports Medicine Chair Which will have an owner Dr. Pedro Luis Ripolla pioneer in sports medicine, and a steering committee at the highest level: traumatologists Mariano de Prado, Mikel Sanchez and Ramon Cugat. A well-known group of elite athletes who passed through his wise hands to continue their sporting career after injury, locally and internationally.

This event brought together the four doctors who will co-manage this chair A more than important commitment to teaching specialized in sports activity With the aim of training other specialists in innovative techniques, in addition to promoting the exchange of ideas that allow the rapid transfer of knowledge from consultation to the classroom and vice versa.

Dr. Ripoll during his intervention.

In action, Dr. Ripoll Highlight the increasing importance of performing an ‘electrocardiogram’ of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. A test that allows us to obtain accurate information about each patient/athlete with the help of motion analysis laboratories. These studies provide objective data on the gait of affected patients: how they modify their anatomy depending on movement, and what is the electrical activity of the muscles or the strength of the limbs when walking or running. Mikel SanchezIt also affected “Collaboration in the practical application of knowledge in an interdisciplinary environmentnot only for the athlete, but also for the population.

Reference in training

We believe that the future lies in making traumatology a less mechanical specialty, without a lot of screws and plates, stimulating biology

Pedro Luis Ripoll

This chair aims to be a reference in training regarding sports medicine and all its actors. It is intended not only for trauma doctors, but also for rehabilitation specialists, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. Which has an impact on the athlete’s return after injury. Thus, emphasis will also be placed on “regenerative medicine” applied to trauma medicine from then on “We think the future lies in making trauma medicine a less mechanical specialty, without a lot of screws and plates, which stimulates biology,” explains Dr. Ripoll..

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Among its activities, it will be implemented Scientific conferences, courses, seminars and expert meetingsAs well as publishing documents or studies related to the above-mentioned fields. Within the framework of these proposals, the President has already held the meeting Conferences on foot and ankle diseases in football players In September, a new course on diseases of the meniscus of the knee will be held. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of CEU University, Rosa Vicedo And Dean of the College of Medicine, Thomas Civato.

Ripoll and Prado Medical Groupa medical institution world-renowned for its work in the field of care, research and teaching, is therefore actively involved in an initiative aimed at providing the necessary scientific information on traumatology, orthopedics, degenerative medicine and clinical biomechanics, as well as forming a forum for discussion among specialists whose scientific or professional activity focuses on this. Field of knowledge and research.