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Ricky Martin is linked to the OnlyFans model

Ricky Martin is linked to the OnlyFans model

A few weeks ago, Ricky Martin and Joanne Yosef, one of the most famous couples in the LGBTIQ + community, announced on their social networks that the relationship was over and that they were going to start the divorce process. The couple has been together for six years and shared memories of their relationship on social networks. However, many international media outlets came to their conclusions regarding the separation and stated that it would be infidelity.

The latest accusations were leveled by LAM América host Ángel de Brito, who stated that the couple had broken up because Ricky Martin had an affair with the OnlyFans model.

This is Santiago Elisalt, a young Argentinean who is dedicated to creating content on that platform for adults. “As it became known, there will be a new love in Puerto Rican life: a 30-year-old model from Mar del Plata,” said broadcaster de Brito Plata.

Likewise, he said that the Puerto Rican model and singer would have met because a mobile phone introduced him to Ricky Martin on social networks.

“He was going to meet Ricky in Mendoza at the end of February, when the singer went there to perform on his tour,” the announcer said.

Some versions say that Ricky could have been the one who looked for Santiago, but so far, neither has confirmed that they have started a relationship.

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