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Marjorie De Souza rocks the net in a risky open dress

Marjorie De Souza rocks the net in a risky open dress

Marjorie D’Souza cause a stir in networks Social beauty and appearance. It was on his official account instagramwhich has millions of followers, as the actress showed a daring video in which she stole sighs by showing her graceful silhouette in Risky open dress with which she was paralyzed Meta platform and Confirmed as one of the most beautiful women on the small screen.

The Venezuelan actress, who recently participated in the telenovela “La Desalmada”, has made it clear that she is not afraid to show up in the most revealing outfits, which she has already shown with her beach look, since then. De Souza She’s one of the celebs showing off the trend’s best bikinis, and she confirmed it this summer by showing off her svelte body in flirty sequin designs.

Marjorie De Souza dazzled in a revealing dress

The Venezuelan shared this Wednesday on her Twitter account instagramWith 9 million fans following her, A.J video Where she can be seen showing off her graceful figure in a dress printed in colors such as orange, pink, purple and white, a piece that draws attention due to its opening on one side, adorned only with some thin chains to join the dress with which it squandered its sensuality.

“Prepare surprises, I love you team @julianhairstudio @juansousaofficial @angelramoos @yojaima.ramosmiki_vonwade_allyn_,” were the words that MarjorieThe 42-year-old shared the photos that caused a stir among her millions of followers, who couldn’t help but shower them with compliments and words like: ‘Beautiful’, ‘You are the most beautiful thing Venezuela can give birth to. I love you’, ‘Goddess’ and ‘Simply gorgeous’ And a witch.”

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The actress’s post has nearly 31,000 ‘likes’. Although it is not the first time that the model has also caused an impact with her appearance among her followers, the Venezuelan constantly approves of her fans. In outfits that leave little to the imagination and highlight her beauty and figure to the maximum, which has made her famous on social networks.

Marjorie left her millions of fans breathless. Photo: IGmarjodsousa

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she has achieved great success on Mexican television, but has not been spared controversy, due to statements made by her ex-partner, also actor Julian Gil, with whom she broke up. More than one occasion in 2017 and he remained in court, because he confirmed that he could not see his son Matias Gregorio, a little boy who is currently 5 years old.

De Souza She started her media career with TV commercials and working as a model in her native Venezuela. “True Love”, “Until the End of the World”, “Dream of Love”, “My Husband Has a Family”, “On the Other Side of the Wall”, “Little You” and “Loves Fool”, are some of the latest TV series in which she has appeared. Her talent and beauty.

The actress boasts of an amazing body. Photo: IGmarjodsousa

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