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Riccardo Ferretti: "I have resigned from the last tournament"

Riccardo Ferretti: “I have resigned from the last tournament”

Monterey, NL /

Ricardo Ferretti Can’t pick up the pace Juarez BravesWhat did he confess to after defeating him? Lionwho submitted his resignation since the last tournament to the border guidance.

For my part I do not feel calm, on the contrary, My resignation from the last tournamentNot from now on, I take my responsibility and the board of directors has the decision.”

“As long as I have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, I will continue to work, tomorrow is a difficult day, people are not satisfied and they are right,” he said. TocaThe one who got 8 points in this tournament and in the opening of 2021 reached 16 without Legila.

Toka’s first resignation occurred in the last tournament, when he played seven consecutive matches without a win.

“I haven’t received any message from the board, there is full support, but you know very well that the situation can change match by match. It was the last tournament in which I resigned, when we got two points in seven matches. My head is always on the line, and every game is either tighter or looser. This week, the rope loosened a little against Puebla, but it pulled again today, although I feel calm.”

Finally, the Brazilian stated that the only thing left for him was work, as it is the only formula he knows to improve the situation.

The team still has a duel pending against scratchedwhich will be held this Tuesday; win can give Oxygen to Toka.

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