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Ricardo Gareca en conferencia de prensa desde un hotel de Miraflores.

Ricardo Gareca’s confession at a press conference: “I asked my wife and children to come with me to live in Lima” | Peru team | FPF | RMMD DTBN Video | Total Sports

At a press conference from the facilities of the Miraflores Hotel, He revealed that he suggested his family move with him to Lima while he was still in charge of . However, this remained in the proposal because he did not come to an agreement with After the negotiations that they had conducted.

“This was the concern to continue where I went on vacation, but I influenced what I had not aroused before. I talked to my colleagues, I left and I asked my family on vacation the fact that they can accompany me during my stay in Lima,” Tigre “began by saying.

Ricardo Gareca with his whole family. They are all very close after overcoming difficult times. (Photo: Clarin)

“There was a fundamental shift, but I don’t know what. I’m a footballer and these things can happen, but I don’t want to say what broke everything,” Ricardo Gareca added to the media.

It is worth noting that Ricardo Gareca He led the Peruvian national team for more than seven years, during which they qualified for the World Cup (Russia 2018), third place in the Copa America (Chile 2015), runners-up in the Copa America (Brazil 2019) and the playoff match of the championship. New World Cup (Qatar 2022).

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