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Religious and Ecclesiastical Sciences Graduates Earned Academic Degrees at the University of California “Noticias UCN al día – Universidad Católica del Norte

  • A new generation took part in a ceremony held in the central house of the Foundation in Antofagasta.

A total of 28 professionals received their academic degrees in the Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Sciences and Philosophy, taught by the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) in its central home in Antofagasta.

The new generation joined with their knowledge and skills to contribute to society, after successfully completing an academic and valuable training in the institution.

In this way, the group joins the call to contribute to evangelization, through the principles guiding the Catholic Church, as well as to continuous and open dialogue and reflection in the various areas of today’s society.

Regarding this contribution, the President(s) of the University, Dr. Fernando Orellana Torres, expressed: “We are certain that they will be professionals consistent with the institutional values ​​of truth, freedom, justice and sustainability, and that their degree will serve as a tool to serve actively in each of the places in which they will work” , stressed.

The commission urged them not to forget the Christian social and human vocation, which constitutes the university’s great contribution to society. “Measure your performance not in synonyms of fame or fortune, but as something more complete, inclusive, and inclusive: be a good people, a good citizen, a pioneer of the common good, sympathetic, and committed to the person and to the national and global community that welcomes us and expects a lot especially from us and especially from you,” he said.

This was supplemented by the director of the Institute of Religious Sciences and Philosophy, Father André Hubert Robinet, who put into context that today there are shifts in mentalities, climatic changes and an epidemic. And that is, in this specific world, where there are specific fears “we dare to begin”.

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He also delved deeper and meditated on the meaning and life of a theologian. Pope Francis says, “A theologian who thinks he has completed his studies in theology has understood nothing of theology.” You always have to move forward, and you always have to grow. He emphasized that the degree is not the end, it is the beginning.

Upon handing over the titles and certificates, the University of California asked new and fresh professionals to take the traditional oath, held by Father André Hubert. Likewise, the group received the blessing bestowed by Father Javier Osa

On behalf of the new generation, student Daniela Gara Araya stated, “It has been four years of deep and intense training, which has left us, not only wonderful learning from the contents developed, but also bringing us closer to the first truth which is God Himself, the engine and motivator of all our actions. ‘, he confirmed.

The official ceremony was broadcast to the entire world through UCN’s corporate channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.