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Reformism won again the leadership of the largest university union in Latin America

Reformism won again the leadership of the largest university union in Latin America

Image source: Dan Damelio-FUBA Press (Dan Damelio-FUBA Press)

The “reformist” list maintained the leadership of the Federation of Buenos Aires Universities (FUBA) in student center elections this year, during the conference held Saturday at the UBA School of Economics.

The list that won the rally 75 upvotes subordinate 130 accredited delegates. in this way, Kirchneriya relegated to second place (La Mila and No Campora) that by having about 32 delegates, he agreed to the Secretariat representing the first minority.

In third place was front leftwith about 15 delegates accredited, while the fourth student space corresponds to the Justicialista Front, which received about 6 votes and 2 abstentions.

With this result, Lucille Levy has been elected president of FUBAAfter he headed the Student Center at the Faculty of Economics. Levi is also the director of the House of Graduate Studies located on Córdoba Street, and she will lend her at the head of the union Jonathan MaidanNon-Kirchner Reference Peronism and UES Leadership in the College of Social Sciences.

(Credit: Dan D'Amelio - Fopa Press)
(Credit: Dan D’Amelio – Fopa Press)

In her first speech, the FUBA President set an action agenda, highlighting the creation of Central Employment Exchange From UBA that connects students to the world of work. “Work, for young people, gives us independence and education gives us a better job,” the public accounting student said.

Levy also called for a deepening of university extension policies “because we want education to reach the whole of society. From this perspective, expect that”We will work with UBA at work“, with the aim of providing “short training courses so that everyone can get a job quickly” for all neighborhoods. “These courses will be geared towards traditional crafts as well as new digital technologies,” he said. He concluded his speech with a call to enrich the course “by integrating technological tools, and quality assurance.” Academy always.


From FUBA they referred to the “good atmosphere” in which the student conference took place, which was “legitimized by the presence of the 130 delegates elected by more than 170,000 students from all over the UBA,” who participated in the elections Student centers held between 4 and 8 April.

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Although the result does not attract attention, unlike other years, The ruling ‘reform’ party came to Congress with control of 9 of the 13 student centers at UBA. On other occasions, the dispute has been more complex.

Reformism – a space made up of radicals, Peronists, socialists and independents – is the force that aligns with the current chaplain’s presidency of the UBA, led by Alberto Barbieri. In the last election, he retained control of the eight student centers he already ran (economics, medicine, law, engineering, dentistry, social sciences, psychology, architecture) And join the center agricultural engineeringWhere the independent group LAI defeated Kirchnerism.

With the new composition and the great difference in congressmen, the current leadership of FUBA has not only achieved a solid victory, but also obtained enough votes.”To advance the reform of the platformFrom the union, they indicated through a statement.


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