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Reach Science Center Discover the double flow after opening

Reach Science Center Discover the double flow after opening

Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, general manager of the Explora Science Center, announced that the venue has succeeded in doubling its flow, mainly due to the opening of new spaces such as Libélala, and the formation of Lyon MX area.

In an interview, Gerardo Ibarra Aranda addressed the impact that this initiative had on the Science Center in a certain way, and said that it was invented more than twenty years ago,

In this sense, he commented that as a result of the formation of the Civic Assembly a year ago and the opening of the new halls and the environmental education center “La Libélula”, Explora has achieved very positive results, since the influx of the place has been increasing until it has doubled.

“In the case of the Explora results, so far, with the opening of new facilities, including the “La Líbélula” Environmental Education Center, we have had very positive results. Now we have twice the number of people, we have doubled the flow in this time.

He also said that although this increase is expected to decrease at some point and the number of people to stabilize, another positive result was depicting the Lyon MX area.

As he comments, they realized through some comments that the perception of this initiative is positive, because despite some restrictions that have appeared, it is considered an integrated and stable entity, and he even preferred the perception that it is taken from the state. In terms of citizen projects.

“And the area is seen (at least what the organizing committees at Explora tell us), is that they see the area as a unified entity, and a stable entity (…) they see the area as something stable, and that’s the word that they refer to us.”

He noted that another positive outcome was the affinity they had with many people interested in taking their events to Explora, whereby they could contribute to new activities in the program.

“We’ve had many people who come close to each other to ask how they can set up events with us, people who raise concerns, who bring in new activities,” he explained.

Finally, he said that as part of the strategies they seek to implement within the program, they are working on projects related to the orange economy and the circular economy, as these are relevant, innovative and evolving issues that are not usually addressed.

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