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Karim Benzema y Kylian Mbappé en el choque entre Real Madrid y PSG

Real Madrid is exposed to the biggest mockery in its history with Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe’s future is up in the air once again. The Bondi striker has confirmed that he has not made the final decision on his plans for the 2022-2023 season and Option to stay in Paris Saint-GermainThey repeatedly offered him a blank check to decide what he wanted to collect. In addition, the Parisians secured him the leadership of the team and endless variables to keep him.

For his part, Real Madrid sees the alarms going off because, despite the rumors of recent months, There is no signed agreement between the White House and the 23-year-old. Mbappe has been the great target of Florentino Perez and his co-stars for four or five years, and the summer of 2022 has emerged as the time for him to jump to the Santiago Bernabeu, but the situation is not as clear-cut as it seems.

President of the Madrid entity He does not want a novel that began in 2017 to spread further, When Real Madrid came close to acquiring the services of Mbappe, but at the last moment the player reached an agreement to wear the Paris Saint-Germain shirt for five years. His relationship with the Parisians ends on June 30, and the Meringue wants him to decide now, but it will take more time and impatience, nerves and fear grow.

In response to a question this Sunday by “Amazon Prime Video” about his future, Mbappe indicated that “No, I haven’t made up my mind, everyone knows. I think there are new elements and many criteria, Do not want to be wrong “,” also asserting that ‘of course continue to Paris Saint-Germain It’s another possibility.” These ‘new standards’ may be directly related to their image rights. They want to get it one hundred percent; something PSG might accept, but Madrid doesn’t see clearly.

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photo rights chaos

During the national team’s break, Mbappe was one of the greatest champions in France then Refused to participate in the French Football Federation (FFF) advertisements. Bundy does not accept his name appearing with sponsors with whom he is not related and has suspended his participation, causing the Football Association to warn the player that he is not fulfilling the duties of the “Les bleus” players.

Indeed, his lawyer announced shortly after at L’Equipe that “when a player is selected for the first time in the France team, he signs a document that is given to him and that Their rights and obligations will govern the choice,” adding that “And theThis document becomes effective when you sign it and expires five years after the end of your career. It is not realistic to make such a long commitment.”

Delphine Verheiden insisted that “in addition to the loss of income that players may suffer, there is above all a great risk of tarnishing their image,” stressing that “Killian wants to interfere with what he generates.” It is a key point to decide the future of the French striker and Real Madrid may be the one who ends up losing if he does not succumb to the demands of the footballer, who will arrive as a free agent.

Not signing Mbappe would be ridiculous

Mbappe’s recent statements may be a wake-up call or a means of pressure for Real Madrid to which they will have to “respond” soon, because the truth is that they are not in a position to pass the French player’s train, especially after that. It has become Real Madrid’s biggest illusion for the future. It was a tacit promise from Florentino Perez to the fans, and if he doesn’t deliver, he will inflict his worst defeat as Meringue president.

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Madrid supports it anyway Mbappe dreamed of playing white since he was young And that he had intended, for a long time, to follow in the footsteps of two of his greatest football stars: Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s a golden opportunity and he knows he will be the great captain of Madrid for the short and long term.

And if Mbappe has doubts?

In addition to the recent Paris Saint-Germain attack and the demand for his image rights, there may be another factor that makes Mbappe doubt his future: the moment of Real Madrid which, although still top of the League and in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, was recorded in most matches. Carlo Ancelotti has seen himself “overcoming” and his approaches have raised many doubts. The White House doesn’t seem to have a specific sports project… and it could alienate Killian.