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Will Italy reach the 2022 World Cup?  This is how I will classify Iran after the punishment

Will Italy reach the 2022 World Cup? This is how I will classify Iran after the punishment

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They say hope dies at last. This phrase appears to be “linked”. Italy national team to attend World Cup Qatar 2022because An aura of hope opened his wayafter They were eliminated from the competition When you fall into the playoff of the UEFA In view of Macedonia.

and bliss Opportunity opens for Italians for a political issue who infects an actor Iran. All because they The Iranians did not allow us to reach 2,000 fans To the Asian qualifying match against Lebanonsituation that It was helpful if FIFA started an investigation.

The truth is that FIFA has already warned Iran That women should be allowed to enter stadiums, otherwise cYou risk disqualification from international competitions; So, some are starting to speculate about it The body may deprive the Iranians of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, the final decision of the investigation they raised is still unknown.

Besides this, the Governor Mohsen Al-Dawwari has already apologized for what happened in the match against LebanonAs well as the President of Iran himself, Ibrahim RaisiWho even demanded from the Ministry of the Interior To investigate what happened in the aforementioned clashall for the sake of Avoid being excluded from Group B Qatar in which they were drawn.

Why might Italy go to Qatar 2022?

calamity Iran can be a joy Italia. This is the case in the case of FIFA He decides to punish the Iranians, the agency turns to him FIFA ranking To allocate the mentioned place to choose did not win a ticket to Qatar 2022which would be for the Italians who In the aforementioned list, it appears in sixth place.

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