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CONMEBOL invites Leon and Pachuca to the Copa Libertadores

CONMEBOL invites Leon and Pachuca to the Copa Libertadores

Alejandro Dominguez, president of CONMEBOL, invited Jesus Martinez, president of Grupo Pachuca, to return Mexico to the Cuba Libertadores.

Mexico – President of CONMEBOL, Alexandre Dominguezhe invited Jesus Martinez Even the Mexican teams Lion And the Pachuca He participated in the aforementioned federation tournaments in which Pachuca made history 15 years ago.

It was through a video clip addressing Dominguez President Pachuca groupwho decided to leave his position as president of Tuzos and take control of the entire group which has teams in Mexico and also in South America.

“I repeat my post until you at least come back and cheer and play the Copa Libertadores. Just as you did in South America, you can put one of your boards in Libertadores CupDirector said.

Dominguez congratulated Jesus Martinez in order to achieve Football Hall of Fame Which lived its tenth edition a few days ago.

“My dear friend Jesus. I know the inauguration was successful, I have no doubt. I know you and I know how much you love our beloved sport, and I appreciate the people and those who have made and made history. You have my support, and you know I would have loved to be with you.”

Currently , Everton Chilethe team belongs to Pachuca group Disputes over Cuba Sudamericana.

Pachuca It is the only Mexican club that managed to win a championship organized by CONMEBOL by defeating them in 2006 Colo Colo from Chile.

During the recent FIFA conference held in Doha, Qatar, Dominguez admitted that they miss Liga MX teams’ participation in the South American tournaments and the competition they had.

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“Mexico is a football-loving country like South American teams, and after a lot of playing in it Libertadores CupAnd the South American and the America’s Cup And suddenly with no Mexico, the competition was missed because Mexico is a passion.”