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Rafa Puente believes that from the very beginning there was a campaign to expel him

Raphael River Bridgeformer strategist at Pumas de la UNAM He spoke for the first time about his time with Pedregal’s team And Van Ranken revealed in an interview with Jorge “Buro” the reason It is not considered his time at CU It was a failure.

However, too He admitted it since he arrived for a group of cats Face to Negative view due to lack of confidence which the fans themselves had in front of him. We must remember that Puente was fired after round 12 When the Pumas fell at home against Pachuca (0-2).

Pumas support for Rafa Puente

“I entered Pumas and signed for six months and The day they introduced me, there was already a trending topic and a “fuera Puente” hashtag. And it is clear that the footballer consumes social networks like you and me, so the footballer said: “This coaching staff is weak” and has many faults.

but, One aspect that Rafael Puente Jr. is very proud of From his administration on top of those from UNAM is The passion and support he got from the soccer playersEven remember the hugs of Toto Salvio’s Juan DiNino In the victory over Mazatlan (1-2).

The true victory of your servant in my four projects (Lobos BUAP, Querétaro, Atlas and Pumas) When a crisis occurs, publicly The players came to our defense and spoke well of us. This confirms that we know how to lead the group.

Mexican strategist He realized that regardless of his results as a manager, he had learned a tremendous amount from both his experiences and Already indicating that he could soon get another chance in Mexican football.

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