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Pumas vs Cruz Azul (4-3): Heroic victory takes them to Repechage

Pumas vs Cruz Azul (4-3): Heroic victory takes them to Repechage

University Olympic Stadium, CDMX /

When it seemed Cruz Azul was carrying Pumas on the canvas, the felines were literally revived, and they pleaded Ghosts of the year 2020 And with another epic return of the same rival They beat CU 4-3 to reach Repechage.

They suffered until the last minute but Pumas Give one of these unforgettable matches that will remain in Liga MX history for They got up 3-1 and in 45 minutes they saved the season.

Everything from hand Diogo de Oliveira scored a double In addition to the charm Picture of Favio Alvarez and support dinino.

Pumas started to win.

Barely five minutes passed when Arturo Ortiz has appeared in the area He took advantage of the corner kick to finish the goal and Get 1-0 That gave an advantage to university students.

The advantage did not last long because Roberto Alvarado tied The match after controlling the ball in the air and a shot from a medium height I got 1-1.

Pumas’ luck is starting to fail When the Celestial Machine flipped the scoreboard with a goal from Roberto Alvarado whose header rebounded from Alfredo Talavera. While all surprised his mark who didn’t realize it Lice have been wandering for 1-2.

Before the end of the first half with one hand through Shaggy Martinez arrives in the middle on the rightwho was injured again by Piojo Alvarado who became Cement champion in 45 minutes to put 1-3.

Back in 45 minutes

There’s nothing to lose, technician Andres Lelini put Coruso on the field actually Diogo de Oliveira Having two strikers and two wings and trying to score three goals.

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The start of the second half was promising when the Cats found the second goal thanks to Favio “The Magician” Alvarez what about The First Intent blew up an auxiliary balloon Recklessly from Diogo. Turn this on the fans He started dreaming of returning.

to cut the rhythm Pumas caused a mistake by Pablo Aguilar It cost him the fifth yellow card in a row that will prevent him from being in the playoffs.

And he couldn’t Pumas They got the equalizer thanks to great defensive play. Yes. Palermo Ortiz stole the ball from Santi Jimenez and gave to Leo Lopez who leaked Juan Denino, who visited as an assistant and gave the card to Diogo who He finished on goal 3-3.

Even Talavera dressed as a hero with save for Basrini This is literally fire face to face And the veteran goalkeeper hit a powerful shot and turned away from a corner kick.

finally Backlash came where Diogo was a factor to bear the shortage In the midfield and then opened the field to the right wing, who hit him hard. Archer sharp jes ball to the center where Diogo appeared and converted 4-3 Back, historical target.