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St. Louis Cardinals set a record by winning 5 Golden Gloves in the 2021 MLB season

St. Louis Cardinals set a record by winning 5 Golden Gloves in the 2021 MLB season

SAN LUIS – Record 5 St. Louis Cardinals win the National League Golden Gloves: First Starting Man Paul Goldschmidt, second rule tommy addiction, the third rule Nolan Arenado, the midfielder Harrison Bader And the left patrol man Tyler O’Neill, who have been recognized as the best defenders in their positions.

Arenado won his ninth gold glove and first since it was traded last winter from the Colorado Rockies. Goldschmidt earned his fourth title and first since 2017 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. O’Neill took the title for the second consecutive season.

Chicago White Sox writer, Dallas KeuchelHe won his fifth Gold Glove and the San Francisco Giants short. Brandon CrawfordHe got his room.

Atlanta Braves pitcher, Max Fried, who won last week in the last match of the world championship, added his second title in a row. Adam Duval, which was traded from the Miami Marlins to the Braves last July, and earned the rating in the right field.

Jacob Stallings, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, as a hunter.

houston astros cuban hotel, Yuli Gouriel, he initially added a Gold Glove to his MLS batting title, while his Astros teammate Carlos Correa won the award as a short. Matt ChapmanThe Oakland Athletics team won at third base, teammate Sean Murphy on the receiver. Toronto Blue Jays second-tier Marcus Simin gained recognition after signing with the Blue Jays and changing positions.

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Kansas City Royals quarterback Michael A. Taylor and left man of the league Andrew Benintendewas recognized for the first time. fielder right Joey Gallo, who was traded by the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees last July, achieved a gold glove for the second time in a row.

Votes are taken by managers and up to six coaches from each team, and they cannot vote for players on the ninth.