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Leinier Domínguez y Lázaro Bruzón participan actualmente en el Campeonato Nacional de Estados Unidos de 2021

Leinier vs Bruzón, head to head and in another scenario – SwingCompleto

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

Five years after the last confrontation in the official tournament of the classic games, the Cuban Grand Masters Linear Dominguez (2760 ELO points) and Lazaro Prozon He (2645) fell to the tables after 27 moves from the Italian Apertura, in the third round of the United States National Chess Championship, the country in which the two parties are currently competing, after emigrating from Cuba.

Bruzón of Las Tunas, in white cutting power, had a certain advantage in the middle of the game, having “El Ídolo de Güines” sacrificed a knight in exchange for some pawns in the 14th move, but several plays later, Liner followed an interesting sequence of well-studied combos by him to provoke the repetition of movements, allowing chess players to shake hands with others in peace.

All Cuban chess fans will remember, yes or yes, those exciting matches for the Cuban title, which both won, in highly competitive matches from start to finish. Or also in 2016, when they both played Capablanca In Memoriam and settled their confrontations with two draws, until Liner decided not to play any more in the local tournaments to protect his ELO, which is much higher than the rest of the island tournaments. chess players.

What happened next, everyone knows: both decided to leave Cuba in search of a better future in the sport of chess and in their personal lives. So, since 2016, five years ago, they have not seen each other face to face, board after board in an official tournament, the best chess players that Cuba has offered in recent decades, although they coincided in other virtual events developed and some other fast-paced games.

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as chessgame.comLiner and Prozon played 35 official matches with each other, with each team having three victories and 29 draws. Since 2007, when Linear won the match In the 24 sets of Spanish Apertura, all clashes between the two were tied, 17 in a row, including today’s result

Back in the US Championships, both Leiner and Prozon reached 1.5 points after playing three games, a number that is more valuable to a man than Las Tunas, who has not faced a tournament of this magnitude for a long time, with its elite chess players. In addition to the match schedule against Liner, Prozon did the same against Fabiano Caruana (2800), second in the FIFA world rankings and Samuel Shankland (2714).

In the day’s other matches, Caruana beat John Burke (2554), Sam Sivian (2654) did the same over Jeffrey Cheung (2700), while Dariush Schwerch (2647) brought down King Daniel Naroditsky (2623). The matches between Ray Robson (2669), Samuel Shankland (2714) and Wesley Sue (2778) against Alex Linderman (2607) ended in a draw.

After playing three rounds, Caruana, Sue, Robson and Sofiane accumulated two points each and took the lead in the competition, followed by five chess players, including Linare and Prozon, with 1.5 units.

This very powerful event, based in St. Louis Chess Club, is handing out interesting cash prizes to each of the 12 players that participated in it, considered among the best in the country, perhaps with the great absence of the 19th championship in the world. Hikaru Nakamura (2736). Linere ranks 14th in the world, while Prozon ranks 11th in the United States.

“Over the course of eleven rounds, these contenders will fight for $194,000 in prize money, qualification for the World Championship tournament and the coveted title of United States Champion in 2021,” it said. Official Website from the event. The first place will get a total of 50 thousand dollars, the second will receive 35 thousand and the third will receive 25 thousand.

“We are delighted that our main events are being held on physical boards once again, and that club members continue to welcome them, who always make the experience exceptional for both players and fans,” said Championship CEO Carol. Mayer ChessBase.com

Tomorrow Saturday, the fourth round of the competition will take place and Lenaire will face Shankland, while Prozon will do the same against Burke, both preparing the black pieces.

This tournament is broadcast live every day starting at 3:00 PM (local time) on www.uschesschamps.com. You can watch Liner vs Prozone match today Here