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Who is driving?  ESPN's Alvaro Morales appears as DT in Tercera

Who is driving? ESPN’s Alvaro Morales appears as DT in Tercera

Mexico City /

Let’s see if he falls asleep snoring… One of the most controversial callers in the ESPN he is Alvaro Morales, the voracious critic of many Mexican football coaches. Well, now it’s your turn to be on the Agenda because Now he is a technical assistant for the third tier club.

Recognized for his forward style and defiance with the mic at Futbol Picante, the nickname Brujo Morales has been registered in Liga MX as an assistant for Vale de Xico FC.. As an intriguing fact, Mexico City appears in his profile as his birthplace, even though he was born in Guatemala.

The Xico Valley Lizards They have Mauricio Farget as their coach and they have three assistants: Jose Daniel Hernandez, Marlon Pimentel and the aforementioned. Moraleswhich is designated as Record one win and one loss at the moment.

Who is Alvaro Morales?

He positioned himself as the man best at understanding “show business” for sports television, Álvaro Jose Morales Estrada Born in Guatemala City For two decades he has been working there ESPNwhere he was the leader of the most important places such as Sports Center s hot footballIn addition, his program has been called shut up and listen With Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda and Angel García Torrano.

Much of his fame was gained by announcing it publicly at the end of 2018 changing teamsleaving behind his face as a follower of Cruz Azul’s Join America. From then on he was cataloged as a polarizing character due to the parts he generates in the audience.

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Now as an American it is He is a vocal critic of Guadalajara, Pumas and Cruz AzulWho are the Eagles’ greatest competitors? It is also known that his relationship with important network journalists such as Jose Ramon Fernandez and David Vittelson is far from ideal.

In social networks, he divides opinions, because many consider him a “reference” in sports communication and what consumers now want to see on TV, which has given rise to controversy and debate. secondly, There are those who do not lower it from “clown” or “silly” For his screaming voice, confrontational style and sarcastic laughter when one of his colleagues refutes his statements.