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This is the world’s largest construction project to be built in Saudi Arabia

This is the world’s largest construction project to be built in Saudi Arabia

With structures that defy the limits of physics and promise zero gravity, “The Line” stands out as a global architectural landmark within the giant NEOM project. (NEOM/AFP/Getty Images)

The project NEOM in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It is one of the most ambitious construction initiatives in the world, and plans to establish a space of… Massachusetts Completely from scratch.

This development includes proposals such as ski resorts in arid areas and architecture that looks like it was taken from a sci-fi movie, including Giant airports, High-speed trainsAnd Water desalination plantsThis is with the aim of attracting a population larger than that of the city New York.

inside NEOM“Project Highlights”Line“It is planned to be the largest building in the world in terms of floor area, equivalent to more than 60 buildings the size of the Earth.” Royal County Building. that it Linear city It consists of two parallel towers, spaced 198 meters apart from each other, and covered with reflective glass that reflects the red desert sand and blue sea.

The maximum height of the towers will reach 500 meters above the surface of the desert land, and their height will vary in certain areas depending on the terrain.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sees NEOM as a symbol of economic diversification away from oil. (Reuters/File)

According to wall Street Journal, This project promises more than 650 million square meters of useful space to be included In your interior space Apartments, offices and schoolsPolice stations, museums and even the royal palace.

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The priority is this impressive and expensive architectural project, according to the Crown Prince’s statements Mohammed bin Salman To my manager NEOMis to achieve a feeling of “zero gravity” through structures that appear to defy physics and float.

Estimated cost for NEOM Located at approx 500 billion dollarsWhich represents more than 50% of the country’s total federal budget for this year, and more than half the value of its sovereign wealth fund, and the prince reviews it. Mohammedas a symbol for Aspirations for economic transformation in the KingdomMoving away from dependence on oil towards a diversified economy Attractive to international investors and talent.

The project NEOM The prince compared it Mohammed with Great pyramids of Egypt. However, the challenges are enormous, from the need to house more than 100,000 additional workers in a desert area, to managing the enormous physical requirements that can affect global prices and make it difficult to provide.

This ambitious project suffered from a decline in scale from the first phase of its development LineInitially expected to extend approximately 16 km, initial construction is now expected to be limited to approximately 2.4 km by 2030.

Despite its ambitious start, NEOM has shown limited progress over seven years. (Hamdi Mohamed/Reuters)

“The design of the city itself has sparked controversy among architects and city planners.”. The idea of ​​creating a “Linear City” It represents a historical challenge, as cities tend to naturally expand in a more circular shape around a central core. “It combats the whole history of the way cities were founded and grew.”Comment John E. FernandezProfessor in the Department of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Wall Street Journal.

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NEOM It has made limited progress since its launch seven years ago. Although there are film studios, a royal complex featuring palaces, a golf course and at least a dozen helipads, construction promised as part of this tech enclave is still in its early stages.

NEOM has achieved limited progress since its launch seven years ago. Although there is currently Film studios and the Royal Complex Featuring palaces, a golf course and at least ten helipads, construction promised as part of this tech enclave is still in its early stages.

The project has allocated more than $5 billion to build workforce housing that has already been built. (Planet Labs PBC/AP)

Among the tasks that have been completed recently is the digging of a canal approximately 97 kilometers long across the desert, which NEOM classifies as the largest in the world. However, expectations for iconic projects like The Line are still far from being fulfilled.

NEOM doesn’t just aim to transform the desert landscape Architectural and urban innovations, but also to create a precedent in terms of sustainability. However, the reality holds contradictions, because despite the promise of emission-free operation, contracts have been requested to build two gas plants that would add more 800 megawatts The energy needed to sustain the region until more environmentally friendly energy sources are achieved.

Despite the complexities inherent in a project of this size, the effort is expended Settlement and air conditioning of residential areas For workers and administrative staff, with facilities including schools, basketball courts and services from international chains such as Burger King and Starbucks. The project has allocated more than 5 billion dollars To build housing for construction workers, according to MEED, a Middle Eastern trade magazine that closely tracks NEOM contracts.

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