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USA and Dominican Republic tied in CONCACAF World Cup Final

USA and Dominican Republic tied in CONCACAF World Cup Final


Instant score: 0-0

The US men’s under-20 football team seeks, Sunday, to be crowned three-time champions in the Concacaf Under-20 Championship before the World Cup against the Dominican Republic, an odd guest in the final scheduled to be held in San Pedro Sula.

With tickets in their possession to play the World Cup in Indonesia 2023 category and participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, both teams will go to the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium from 6:00 pm for being the best in the competition.

Confirmed Fonts:

United State: Christopher Brady, Mauricio Cuevas (centre), Noah Allen, Brandan Craig, Paxten Aaronson, Galen Neal, Diego Luna, Tyler Wolff, Nicholas Tsakiris, Jackson Hopkins, and Alejandro Alvarado Jr.

Alternatives: Juan Carrera, Marcos Vercranos, Quinn Sullivan, Jack McGlynn, Caden Clark, Michael Hallyday, and Rocas Bucustas.

dominican republic: Omari Bello, Charbel Wehbe, Thomas Jongbauer, Sebastian Manion (centre), Brian Moore, Angel Montes de Oca, Anello Gomez, Devry Sandy, Jordi Alvarez, Miguel Vazquez, and Guillermo de Peña.

Alternatives: Xavier Valdez, Edison Azcona, Adonis Maria, Luis Francisco, Jason Yambates, Alvini Tamarez and Anier Rojas.

United Statethe top favorites of the match, beat hosts Honduras 3-0 on Friday night in the semi-finals, while the Dominican Republic struggled to win on penalties. 4-2 (2-2 in 120 minutes) to Guatemala.

“We have no words to define this. What matters is that the Dominican Republic is in the World Cup,” midfielder Angel Montes de Oca said in disbelief after the victory over Jamaica. Later, they also chased after the Olympics ticket.

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If Mexico fails, the star-and-stripes team ratifies their World Cup preference with conclusive results, such as a 10-0 start against. Saint Kitts and Nevis.

And the lockdown couldn’t be better, going into the 3-0 break against Honduras to cut regulations in the second half and provide the energy needed for Sunday.

Goals paxten aronson, at 3 Alejandro Alvarado, 22 years old; and Quinn Sullivan, at 43, before “miniH” dThe corridor went to Olympics to “yank”.

The United States, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Guatemala got a ticket to the World Cup in Indonesia.

world cup in indonesiawill be between May 20 and June 11, 2023, Which four were chosen from concacaf, as well as England, Slovakia, Israel and Italy.