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Pumas: Gustavo del Prete will play for Mazatlán.  Closed deal

Pumas: Gustavo del Prete will play for Mazatlán. Closed deal

Argentinian Gustavo del Prete You will play with him MazatlanOnce his negotiations with Necaxa did not progress and after constant signals The rejection he suffered at Pumas.

According to the sources I reviewed Half the timeThere is an agreement between the parties involved that the 27-year-old footballer will wear the Mazatlán shirt, after three tournaments as Oriazol.

Although Necaxa showed interest in signing him, they were unable to progress due to circumstances university They didn't fit in, but fortunately for the player, the Mazatlán team appeared aware of the Cats' interest in giving him an outlet.

Boos by Pumas fans

Del Prete has become a player who is constantly being highlighted by fans, as was revealed in Sunday's 1-0 win over Bravos, where he was He was booed ever since his name was heard on the local audio.

Furthermore, after missing a header that looked like it would be a goal, the animosity increased dramatically.

Attacker It arrived with a good poster for Apertura 2022 from Estudiantes de la Plata, but failed to live up to expectations.

Escoboza was confirmed as reinforcement

The player who has already been officially announced as a player for the Cañoneros is Alonso Escoboza, who will still be looking to revive his career after spending the night in… Blue cross.

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