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Promoting scientific knowledge and culture

Promoting scientific knowledge and culture

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Madrid, September 28, 2023.

The “Friends of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain” initiative launched a promotional campaign with the aim of promoting science, technology and innovation in the country, and bringing the general public closer to the world of research and discovery.

A movement for everyone

The Friends of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain (aRAC) is an inclusive movement that seeks to engage people of all ages and walks of life in and understanding the wonders of science. Its goal is to arouse interest in science and create a scientific culture with the aim of expanding the social base that contributes to a better understanding of our society and thus creating the conditions for building the future.

Promoting Spanish science

Through this programme, the Center seeks not only to disseminate scientific knowledge, but also to highlight and celebrate the achievements of Spanish scientists on the international scene. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting young researchers, as stated in aRAC Digital Community Manager, Jeremy Medeiros: “Young people are the future, and enthusiasm for science is essential. Therefore, we offer programs specifically targeted to them, allowing them to experience science first-hand. We seek to awaken their interest and passion for discovery and innovation.”

Advantages Exclusively for members of the RAC Friends community

‘Friends’ will be able to enjoy a series of exclusive benefits, such as use of the RAC’s rooms and library for research and studies. Additionally, they will have the scoop on the latest news from the world of science and Royal Academy of Sciences (RAC) events, which will allow them to stay up to date with the latest scientific developments.

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Through membership, Friends will have access to lectures, debates and conversations with RAC academics, allowing them to interact and learn from some of the country’s leading scholars.

Friends of this digital community will have the opportunity to be interviewed and appear in the media provided by aRAC, with access to digital publishing channels to promote their research or scientific projects. They will also be able to participate in or even organize debates between researchers, academics and friends at the RAC headquarters, which will encourage the exchange of ideas and mutual enrichment. As Jeremy Medeiros points out, “Spain has a rich tradition in science and research. However, there is sometimes a gap between what is researched in laboratories and universities and what the general public knows or understands. We want to bridge this gap and, even more than that, celebrate and promote Spanish scientific talent on the international stage.” “.

To join the community People interested in the “Friends of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain” can do so through the official website: https://frace.es/ , https://amigosrac.es/. By being part of this community, you will directly support the mission of promoting science in Spain and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, while enjoying valuable resources and opportunities to enrich your knowledge and contribute to the advancement of scientific research.

Contact address for the RAC Friends Digital Community: [email protected]

Contact: Esteban Yeray García Medeiros 652672404 [email protected]