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Philadelphia Phillies manager spoke ahead of MLB 2024

Philadelphia Phillies manager spoke ahead of MLB 2024

Atlanta Braves The character was created in Eastern section Follower National League. For the past six years they have been champions of that five-man group. Without discussion, they hope to be back in 2024, but coach Philadelphia Phillies He has other ideas.

Although they are the undisputed favorites in their division, they have won the pennant on four of the six occasions, and were eliminated in Division series. In 2020 they signed in Championship series The following year they obtained the desired ring.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, have fought hard in the last two contests, despite being the wild card of the old circuit. In 2022 they attended the World Series after nearly 15 years without traveling to that event and in 2023 they were very close to participating in the Fall Classic again.

Although the Phillies' results were better than the Braves, Rob ThompsonThis actor's manager wants to go to the banner.

The Philadelphia Phillies need a good start

The Phillies' last two seasons have one thing in common: They started the first half struggling. In 2023, they incurred losses Goalkeeper Suarez, Bryce Harper And Rhys HoskinsWho suffers from a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in one of his legs.

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The strategist revealed that he plans to give him more bats in the Spring training To his main gunners. He has also come up with a plan to better prepare his players at that stage of the tournament.

“We have proven that it is not necessary to win the league to perform well in October.” continuous Thompson. “But if we start better, there will be less anxiety in August and September.”I finish.