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Pep Guardiola analyzed the Mexican national team at the World Cup, saying: "It's always a rivalry."

Pep Guardiola analyzed the Mexican national team at the World Cup, saying: “It’s always a rivalry.”

Pep GuardiolaCoach Manchester And one of the most famous DTs around the world, talk about Mexican national team And his performance in the World Cup after Altree got a pass FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 2nd place in CONCACAF.

In an interview with TUDN, Guardiola stressed that Mexico is a difficult team to face in the World Cup, because it “grows” in particular against world powers in the group stages, where it achieved important results against teams such as France and Germany. .

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On the other hand, Pep Guardiola also commented that rivals at his ‘level’ are too complicated for Altree, although he emphasized that the Aztecs are always interesting given the quality of players they have.

“I have a feeling that Mexico has always competed very well against the big teams. Then in the group stage with teams that are a bit equal, of their level, they still lose. But they always compete well and they are a tough opponent to meet in the World Cup, because they are all dynamic players, they know All how to play well and whenever I had the chance to see Mexico play, I loved it”

Guardiola also avoided talking about what Mexico missed by overtaking, as he indicated that he was not aware of the national team’s day in these qualifiers, despite declaring that Alteri is in good hands with “Tata” Martino.

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“I can’t talk about Mexico. I know they have a very good coach at Tata Martino. Mexico has always played very well football, but I don’t know what it’s lacking, and I haven’t watched it.”