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Alexis Vega agent gives a new twist to negotiations with Chivas

Alexis Vega agent gives a new twist to negotiations with Chivas

The striker was part of the ticket for the Mexican national team to the Qatar World Cup, but his status with the herd is still up in the air.

Emerging Action to be Taken by Alexis Vega . Agent
© picture 7Emerging Action to be Taken by Alexis Vega . Agent

Ricardo Pelaez, Guadalajara’s sporting director, revealed that the negotiations With Alexis Vega to renew his contract, they are on the right track despite the fact that they have a nine month extension, but There is a new version that puts a twist on this theme and continues to play against the rojiblanco team.

Director Chivas stressed that both parties are ready to reach a good agreement, So he is confident that Gru will continue the enterprise, but he puts on the table that the interests “Cheap and sporty” The scorer must also coincide with the goals of the club.

In this sense, the newspaper Sniper in the Récord reported that the situation is far from that It became a reality for Guadalajara, as they could not convince Vega and representative The best cannon with four goals in this final tournament 2022, I made a drastic decision.

Alexis Vega agent takes desperate measures

Alex Lopez’s intention, The agent of the rojiblanco striker, meets with Guadalajara owner Amaury Vergara in order to reach an agreement, Well, everything points to that He wasn’t able to understand himself neither with Belize nor with other psychics With whom they chatted for a long time without a happy fate.

Furthermore, my red and white ears told me that Alex Lopez had already asked to speak directly with Amaury Vergara, because you do not understand with his followers. It will be necessary to find out if the owner of Flock agrees to negotiate with the promoter, since he is not accustomed to this, but in the case of Vega, he can bend his hands, ” It was part of what the mysterious character had written.

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